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Does anyone know where to find box plans or blue prints?Jay9
First SubGlassWolf2
One for the experts onlyGlassWolf12
I need help with my JL'sGlassWolf2
Xplore subs? Has anyone ever heard of them? How do they sound?GlassWolf6
Subs won't turn onGlassWolf2
Porting a box?GlassWolf2
Kicker L7 12'' on small fosgate amp?GlassWolf11
Sub Box question?GlassWolf3
Kole AudioGlassWolf2
Single Cab truckGlassWolf3
Odd box for 2 18'sGlassWolf5
Sealed vs Ported vs BandpassGlassWolf9
Audiobahn aw1206t boxGlassWolf6
Best Bandpass boxGlassWolf5
Alphasonik subwoofers, any good?GlassWolf2
Differents between SubwoofersGlassWolf2
Which Subs Are The Best?GlassWolf88
Diamond AudioGlassWolf8
WHAT PAIR OF SUBS SHOULD I GET FOR AROUND 180.00- 200.00 the best b...GlassWolf9
Will this amp kit work?GlassWolf3
Thickness of speakerboxGlassWolf2
Empty prefab bandpass boxesGlassWolf4
Sub break in timeChippa3
Two L7 15s in 89 Z24REDSKIN3
JL Audio 10W7Tiggy27
Bridging 2 channel amplifier?zani31
Are the Dual 10" bandpass sub system any good?GlassWolf2
Eclipse vs JL AudioGlassWolf2
Sub cone froze up!GlassWolf6
Wonder if anyone can helpjay amaro5
FOR SALE MTX 81000D monster amp rated over 1100wattsAnonymous1
Porting a boxGlassWolf3
Some questions for GlassWolfGlassWolf19
Solo Baric Poppin SoundGlassWolf5
JL overpriced and overrated amateurs wet dream GlassWolf4
Help putting together a systemGlassWolf3
Adire tempest better then kicker?!GlassWolf8
Truck Subsgabeescamilla57
1 12" alpine dvc type r sub box dimentions/sealed ported?type E7
Help choosing a set of subs, and a couple other q's.Anonymous3
When i port how many holes do i makecolby nye12
RFR 3110 HX2 SubTiggy3
AudioBahn 10" AW1000's and JBL1200.1Anonymous16
DVC in series x2MrSkimo1
HELP PLEASE, 2 12's in a Ford RangerKen11
Sub enclosure for 12 W6v2REDSKIN2
Which way should I face the subs in my Truck?REDSKIN6
How well are the 1100 watt audiobahn subskevin linford1
WIRINGtim miller9
Build me box for money. glass ?ion for you last part.Andy Perring3
Check out Andy Perring1
2 Kicker 15' L7s, 4000 wattsTiggy12
Is this idea any good?GlassWolf11
I need a box!REDSKIN5
Savard subwoofer enclosure need?Tiggy19
>>what size should my ported box be for a 10'' 1000w db+...REDSKIN2
Kenwood 10-Pounder 10" SubwooferGlassWolf4
Need help with sub box. Take a look might help you too.Tiggy3
I need amp help with my sub wooferGlassWolf9
Sub Q'sGlassWolf4
Sub wiring question: 2 ohm, 8 ohm, or 4 ohm stereo?maurice6
S10/Ranger sub box for 2 10'sREDSKIN1
Is MTX Thunder8000 T8124A a good choice? mainly for Glass WolfGlassWolf3
Advice NeededGlassWolf4
PLEASE HELP QUICK!!!loud and low2
Info on wiring 2 12" (dual 4ohm woofers)Cisco Kid1
Diamond Audio????Keith P Revella18
Sound stream amps and subsKeith P Revella1
Does a Bandpass box beat harder, and sound better than....bob the builder47
Better than a W7?Keith P Revella23
Best Sound Quality Songs?????Chippa30
How much better are Kicker L7's thatn L5'sGlassWolf2
Help/input is this getter glASSwolfGlassWolf4
What you think of KENWOOD ampsGlassWolf33
Jl audio what to chooseGlassWolf2
Best box positionGlassWolf3
What type of box will be goodGlassWolf5
Jl and boxGlassWolf3
L7 or compvr?GlassWolf3
JL battle 413w6v2 vs 2 13w7Keith P Revella4
What are the best DVC 4ohm 300watt subs...10'sryan m3
BEST 6 by 9 Chippa3
Bandpass boxREDSKIN77
Reverse Mounting Subs Was it a good Idea?REDSKIN2
Kenwood subrandy legender1
Subs and box for small minivanREDSKIN1
ESL's for car audioGlassWolf6
Diamond tdx12s do they desentegrate?Keith P Revella3
Could i blow up my stereoVance3
Which way to position sub!!GlassWolf7
Rockford fosgate team rf or jl 13w7GlassWolf4
Amps for 213w7GlassWolf4
Home sub and car sub. Same thing?matt7
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