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ZacdavisTrevor Eaton4
Choose between two subsLand4
Alpine SWR-1042D jake papa3
When do i need to scuba steve5
Solo X 12" or SX 15"Rickey12
2 PHOENIX GOLD XENON X10D2 vs. 2 10"B-Rizzle1
Need List On Every Sub A Re Sx Can BeatChauncey Brown14
Does anyone knowGlassWolf2
Inverted Audiobahn SubsGlassWolf6
Rovin or glasswolfEddie Arambula9
Odd speaker idea...Anonymous12
Have no idea about subs, anyone know anything about this one???Rovin3
Funny story....rob preg10
Shallow mount woofers???Brady Fedro7
Mtx 8000 10in subs need boxjohn2
Phoenix Gold xeon or Diamond Audio D3Zach7
Good sq subsChauncey Brown3
Whats the big difference?jon doe16
Seat questionAnonymous7
Kapper perfect 12.1, is it good?scuba steve11
500-700 rms sq subsRobert1
RE Midsbaseball11871
Better amp for type rsBIG ed1
Are diamond audio amps better than orion?hondarider1
Does SIZE Matter?Joe Smoe10
Which amp and subs to give the best "BOOM"Eddy G12
Need box for Two 10" Kicker L7'sEddy G1
WTF! Can't find Subwoofer Video SiteJ E K3
Need advice on new sub(s)Rovin6
Dynamat make a difference?ucfsaxman11
2 subs in 1 box will it b louderscott DeBaker14
Sx vs eclipse aluminumJake Hill3
Bass makes my cd changer skipChad Lee8
Battery sparks when i connect power wire.joe16
Low wattage sub(s)?Dave Richer6
Cheeck this out... if you like P.i.m.p.i.n.g games.rebel17
Looking for an sq sub as loud as the L5rebel3
IDMAX setup?mike4
Lookiescuba steve8
I wanna blow it up.. safleySiX9
Converted to Portedandy roang15
Mobile electronics study guidenocc1n9
Best for my ampNeed4Bass8
Perfect amp for RE SX 12"johnny lemoine25
Audiobahn immortal series subs and amps.Donato5
Two Alpine Type R'sSiX10
Bandpass or sealed?James G3
Best boxAnonymous9
Civic Custom Box Planssilbracing1
Ok i need new suggestions....Rovin4
Need suggestions on new subsChauncey Brown9
Quick Ohm QuestionChauncey Brown3
Kicker L7 questionChauncey Brown10
I have a jl 10w7 and i have some questionsSimon J Casey5
Loudest sub for under $200?hondarider6
Need Advice for a system. greg1
Prices on REsMuddyWaters9
So I got my system...Trevor Eaton13
Prob with subsChauncey Brown2
Eclipse Aluminum?Joe Smoe15
Am i over paying?Joe Smoe11
Most Powerful Sub for a Hifonics Zeus ZX7500?J E K14
Fiberglass boxChauncey Brown2
Connecting 8 ohm subwoofers to 4 ohm ampsChauncey Brown2
What does btw meanChauncey Brown12
3x10" or 2x12" ! Which has better bass?Jake Hill4
Help deciding which subs to get Zach25
Infinity Kappa Perf VS ID IDQDaBird1
Anyone selling a re1200.1Jake Hill3
Ok, im leaving out for finals today, gonna lose, blew an ampTrevor Eaton7
Got 1st at the did my lil sister...:-)...Jake Hill30
Help me find 1Chauncey Brown3
1 Cerwin Vega STROKER 10" vs 2 re sx 10 "mikechec910
Help please??Chris Langner7
Amp/sub set-upJoe Smoe2
Subs move but not enough to make (boom! boom!)Joe Smoe2
Jake hillJake Hill8
180.3 db World Record Set TodayPavel25
Infinity Kappa VQ'sJosh CCS3
Got a problemSmitty7
Stuff For Salematt thigpen25
Isaac, question for you...I challenge thee!Dave Richer15
Eclipse subsJake Hill2
Wiring to stock faceJeff Loughrey3
Alpine Type R Rules - Apparently !!!Eddie Arambula42
3rd row woe'!!!Anonymous8
Best sub for 1600wRMSJake Hill7
Alpine amps?Need4Bass6
Kicker l7 boxTrevor Eaton3
Sub blown??John McCourmik3
146.6dB...i get another run tomorrow...HELP!!!!sean15
Checking for port noise on WinISDJohn McCourmik1
Kicker amps and Audiobahn subsjake papa4
Please help!!!!!!!Andrew Gutierrez14
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