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Breaking sub inits_bacon124
JL Sub IdentificationTim9
Airspace Problem .. please help.CDeM37
W7 what amp and other stuff take a lookTiggy9
Whos the best?!!Riddler Sensei49
Solo-Baric L5Robert Johnson4
Active SubsJBG4
Are my subs and box combination any good?Patrick Frison1
Avalon sound workstodd howard1
What type of amps?GlassWolf4
High excursion subsGlassWolf2
Is the sub going to be to powerfulGlassWolf2
Which is better?GlassWolf6
Avalon sound worksPatrick Frison2
What set up should i get to hit over 140dB????Patrick Frison7
Looking for 8" sub of my dreamsBryan B29
Makeing a box from a tube for an 8" speakerBryan B1
4 ohm subs with a 2 ohm amp???JTREAT9113
Can someone help me on measurements for a vented box???GlassWolf4
Infinity perfectsTBone5
OpinionsBryan B2
Kick CVR 12srobertj4
Question For the Board Experts on 04 Acura Setuphiphopanonymous2
Loudest Lonely Subwoofer ???Smokey71
Interfire subs what is your opinionTBone4
Hey guys, this is my near completed product(Glasswolf, this is what...GlassWolf6
What would be louder on a JBL BP600.1(12w6v2, L712, or 12w7)its_bacon125
Monster subits_bacon123
Best 12" sub for the money???GlassWolf3
What causes blown subs????GlassWolf23
Need Amp For 10" BrahamasGlassWolf2
Quadrasub? GlassWolf2
What two 10's would be louder that my L7 12????loud and low9
Parallel Wiringjohn5
Port dimensionsjohn3
Vent vs. portjohn7
Enclosure ?john8
GlassWolf- Sensitivity Problemsjohn3
Running subs - ohms???????john6
Best way to wire a pair of 2 ohm subs?john4
2 subs mono amp...Jason5
Perfect 12'sits_bacon124
Sun Box in Tool boxits_bacon124
How can i stop the bass rattling my roof top?TBone4
Bridjing an amp, what happends?Bryan B9
PositionBryan B5
Need ADVISE from You PPL!its_bacon126
12" Orion Subs ARE THEY ANY GOOD?????its_bacon1244
What does 6 ohm mean? 4 ohm?its_bacon1239
High excursion sub or not?Robert j10
Wiring Subsits_bacon126
Bass Suggestion Pleaseits_bacon1211
JL 12W7s are they worth the moneyits_bacon129
A Q 'bout BandpassREDSKIN4
Wut db do you estimate i am hitting?daniel stanislawski5
11.5mm or 24mm? please helpits_bacon122
What are the best SPL/SQ 10" subs???its_bacon1212
Looking at the Visonik VB3P12, any good???wj944
Alpine Type RAnonymous10
Help with audio systemTBone4
Running stereo vs. bridged monoBryan B7
Wiring SubwoofersDavid Dornhoffer4
Subs only work when they want too....;\TBone3
What Sub for JL 1000/1 ?Paul3
Kicker 12" CRV EnclosureSteve Mervau11
Weres a good place to mount 6 1/2" speakers in the frontAnonymous7
Subsonic Filters and Tuned PortsAnonymous2
All i need is a web sitedaniel stanislawski5
I need advice about my systemchas d8
Box size for punch hx2 10Michael Usher3
What 10's should i get for my truck???Anonymous5
Curiosity question on a setupdaniel stanislawski7
Phoenix Digital ?MMcCay4
What has better SQ/SPL???One 12L5 or 2 10CompVR's TBone4
8inch, which ones should i getsteve dem9
Has anyone seen..........Hydro2
Upgrade QuestionHydro9
Jbl 1200.1 amp what subs for best setupAnonymous7
Box demensions for "15 Punch Hx2. Please HelpHelp Me3
My new subsTBone3
Elemental Designs A,O, &K subs???Are they any good???Glasswolf and ...its_bacon1212
Which ohm would be best??????????TheSpotlight21
Its_Bacon...daniel stanislawski1
Cerwin Vega?FordTRUCK6
Mtx8000 12its_bacon123
Box for Alpine Type-R 12'sMikey4
Question about wiring Cerwin Vega subs to JL ampits_bacon122
Need some major helpAnonymous5
JL W6v2 or Focal 33K?Brian 821
Figuring your ohmsTheSpotlight32
Kicker L7 in a JeepAnonymous3
Forces inside an enclosurekkmike8
HEY BACON look at the "SQ and SPL difference in a 12L7 and 12L5????...Tim L.6
SQ and SPL difference in a 12L7 and 12L5????Tim L.28
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