What are the best SPL/SQ 10" subs???


I wanna get a pair of 10's for my truck...i have a box that goes under the back seat w/ .74 cu ft per side.

i wanna put some 10's in it, but what are the best 10's??

i've heard theat Adire, RE, or Dynamics IDMaXX would be good...or maybe a pair of L7's or L5's.

i'm also thinkin or getting a good amp to push what ever i get w/ like a KX600.1 or 1200.1 ....maybe a JBL BP 600.1 or 1200.1

what kinda prices am i looking at for good 10's too?

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good 10 inch subs...yes you are on the right track there, Elemental design also makes awesome subs and so does JL audio, a pair of 10w7's or 10w6v2's would do you incredible good, or even just one 10w7 also a 10 inch brahma or two idmax10's...

these are not cheap subs, a 10w7 goes for about $550 i believe, and thats just one...

a 10w6v2 is quite a bit less, i think like $270 or something in that range

IDmax10s are around $300 each and adire audi brahmas 10inch are around that same price...

something else, the elemental design A series 10 inch sub, e10a.22 goes for $215 and it works in tiny sealed/ported boxes and its a great sub too

any of these subs will not be a pushover in price but they will all deliver for you and if you dont want to spend that much, alpine type r's arent bad speakers, or infinity kappa perfs or infinity perfects you just wont get nearly the same performance from those as you will from w7s or brahmas or anything like that

btw, im not sure on all the prices, i was mostly guestimating check for urself i f u have the time....just look around on websites, heres a few

and if you're really cheap, www.lanzar.com www.bossaudio.com but these arent even worth loking at lol

Tim L.
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also, for those lower priced subs, i believe alpine was releasing type X subs this year?.. which would be better than the type R's..

what about kicker L5 10's?????Or comp VR's ....are they any good????

david boker
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ah, dont worry about kicker, go with one 10w7! Thats a winner!

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alpine is releasing a type X sub, but i'm not sure when the release date is.

So far my favorites are IDMaxx and JL 10w7. the rep I was talking to at CDT says their HD line of subs is comparable to IDMaxx except a little better at SPL while keeping a tight SQ. I havent heard these yet, but I am very anxious to get the opportunity.


david boker
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well, IDMaxx is cool, but dont waste your time with anything but a 10w7. Im serious! dont mention any other sub!

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David how can you say that when you never have heard anything but JL,there are cheaper alternatives to them like Elemental Designs A-Series 10 or a Resonant Engineering HC 10.Oz Audio also has some great 10's.

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To bad you couldn't find a pair of used Savard Hi-Q 10's, they would work perfect with the little airspace you have available.

yeh there is a site somewhere that has the type x subs they have a 280 ounce magnet and 3000 watts max and 1000 to 1500 rms

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Guys don't just brush off the Infinity's. I've had great experence with my Infinity Kappa Perfect 10 dvq's. Although I can't seem to find the dvq versions anymore. But not only do they have great sq, but you can change the motor power with the variable q, depending on if your competing or just listening for recreation. Every person has there own opion. I've never heard The JL w7's, but i have heard many good comments about them. I just recomending doing some research, seeing whats out there, figuring out how much you want to spend and make your own choice. Also check out ebay, but stick to the ebay stores i don't trust privte sellers.

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yea, the kappa perf DVQ's are very nice subs...excellent SQ, decent SPL
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