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Glasswolf, Hit a deer with comp. vehicle last night. Destroyed! Now that I only have my commuter truck, I moved my Autoteks and Kappas into it from the other vehicle. However, the box and subs were destroyed by the deer. I really wanted to add some lowend quick, so I picked up some SAS Bazooka 10's (nonpowered) for quick install for this weekend (trip). However, upon installation I was amazed that they listed sensitivity as 100 db (1w1m). I have never heard of such sensitivity, is this because of the design? This is the first time I have used them myself, and I sell them later when I have more time to construct a new box, but I was amazed by their sensitivity. I was starting to wonder if I run them bridged on my 7050 XX if they will be able to handle it?

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yeah don't be misled by sensitivity ratings. above about 100Wrms, that spec is meaningless.
It doesn't really tell you much for car audio, but makers like to list it as one of those things to impress people.
They are fairly sensitive, and really don't sound that bad for the price.
You may be impressed with them as a temporary fill in.
Always great for the girlfriend's car and such as well *grin*
I've got a powered 8" I keep around to use when I'm working on new box designs and such, or need the extra room in the jeep.
they're not too bad really.
not great, but they give a little punch that's better than nothing.

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these sound ok for temp-hin to get alittle more out of them load the port to the corner of car or truck-aprox 4-6 inch from side will increase and tighten response(the rating is false also--just like the 500 watt amps you can fit in your front pocket,with your hand in there also)
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