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Surround sound stops onPaul3
5.1 or BUSTPaul2
What receiver will fit me best ?Paul3
Wiring downstairs, for surround sound, walls r downJames letourneau1
Denon, Hardon Kardon, Yamaha, Who has best soundEl13
Trouble hooking upBerny2
Surround sound stops on Panasonic SA-HT920Berny2
Maximum Lip Sync Delay to account for Dale M. Wiley5
Surround Sound HookupGregory3
HK AVR 635 & Marantz SR-5500 - Lip Sync Rakesh Gal1
Best Receiver Option - Music & Home TheaterRakesh Gal1
Lost remoteJOHN S4
Audio Hookup Question(s) - SA-8300HDroydean22
Surround Sound For TV And Xbox, Help Please!AV guru15
Spousal approval factor questionsPhilMan14
Xbox Dolby Setup... Center Speaker ProblemAaron Lush1
Can get ProLogic, but not 5.1Paul6
Can crossover be separated from Bose Acoustimass bass module?Anonymous4
5.1 amplificationjake dainty2
Help a newbie set up 5.1 to a DVD - prob easy answer please take a ...interarch13
Speaker SelectionDirecTV Installer Gu1
Onkyo 770 and PCM... Help!felix da cat16
Setting upDexter862
Rating the Yamaha RX-V2500Bert Coppens13
5.1 PC Speaker set upsidney6
I am new to this what the difference between DTS and DDjoseph coulson23
HK AVR 500 & 6 Channel DirectChas Majewski3
Puzzling Onkyo HT-S670 surround performancedavid eugene ledford3
5.1 but only two cablesPaul24
Need help w/ COMPARISONMichael Jones1
Bose system sound problemsGeorgeA14
Comcast Stereo MysteryMichael2
Denon 3805 or 985sMichael13
confused to buy home theatre equipmentsMichael2
DTS ES discreet 6.1 v.s. DD EX Andrew Freitas10
Whats the difference?ChrisWhyte6
The surround sound doesn't work with my DVDBerny3
Help with set upMichael10
Help! Have Martians on my Plasma, think I did it with my surround s...Michael2
How to make Digital Dolby 5.1 demo DVD?Michael3
Onkyo 's $200 receiver super starJames Lee3
DTS vs Dolby Digital - with no subwooferMichael6
Can someone please help me?Mike F.3 sound from SubwooferMichael Britt9
Please helpMichael Britt3
Surround not workin with tv.Michael Britt3
Help Please, Sony Digital decoding problems!Scott McAreavey3
Help Receiver not Decoding DigitalDale M. Wiley6
Hookup Help ken outt3
Newbie - Denon 2805/ Not Loud out of Surround SpeakersPaul2
Crossover??Andy Summers9
Equalizing While Using Suround SoundAndy Summers4
Sourrond sound issuesGreg Turner1
Bose System HumsJavier Morales4
Onkyo Receiver, broken left channel?Paul2
Need to replace B&K ST-140 power with A/V receiver?Ginny Surfer9
Time Warner digital cableAnnon4
Help using optical and coaxial with one coaxial inputJOHN S2
Question about Theater Research and the "white van"scam michael litwak3
Help with multi-channel receiverSasha Vukobrat1
Sony HT-6900DP audio helpMike O'Halloran3
Surround Modes on Pioneer 1014Josh Becvar2
Is my DD 5.1 working with yamaha rxv450? no 5.1 icon in the LED amp..nemo_boy6
Dolby Digital EX or Pro Logic IIPaul7
Problems with new 5.1 surround speakers Berny2
Dts- ES or THX ? Which is best ?Josh Becvar6
Turning Stereo into surround soundjoseph coulson4
HT-S770 listening modes helpKenny McKane2
Philips fr975 receiver (no sound on certian channels)Dennis Miller1
Ks5190 not playing some new DVDsMike Lee1
Onkyo 770 Problemjoseph coulson5
Dolby Digital 3/2.1 joseph coulson25
DTS Only DVD with no Digital input on TVPaul4
Panasonic scht520 to ps2simon wantling1
Upgrade to 5.1 audio for PS2joseph coulson3
Audigy 2 to Onkyo Receiver via analogue problemJordan3
Sourround Sound problemjoseph coulson2
Dolby Digital EX 3/2.1 joseph coulson5
Surrounds modes pointless?joseph coulson6
Time lag before receiver plays Dolby Digital sound from DVDBenjamin1
Watching cable TV programs with surround soundPeter Tzou1
Klipsch Speaker SetupJavier Morales3
Confusion with Dolby DigitalPaul7
Digital Cable 5.1Paul3
Comcast digital cableRob1
Question about Dolby Digital and SatellitePhilMan4
Speakersjoseph coulson9
Yamaha RX-V750 or YAMAHA HTR5760 7.1 ? Ron Howard2
Pioineer htz-940dv surround sound and sylvannia c6427to tv how to ...Dale M. Wiley2
What kind of cables to use surround speakers on xbox.A2
Yamaha RX V350 Sound Problemjoseph coulson2
Onkyo 6.1 HTS 770 audio problemPhilMan4
Thread: Yamaha RX-V750 or KENWOOD VR8070 THX Audio? RobS1
7.1 Surround is great, which decoder you like?joseph coulson14
Where should I place my speakersJerry Norton4
Anyone know where to get a demodulator?Josh Becvar1
Prologic 2 to 5.1 questionDale M. Wiley3
Surround Sound to PCBrenda1
Back and presence speakersKid-A1
Bad humming fro speakersUstad4
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