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D3 12's or type r 12'sMalib00tay7
2x 10w6 versus 2x 10w7Syron12
Wtf happened to this site alonzoub76
OT: storage serverdeathoob16
Check out this awesome dealTroy Jones11
Crescendo ampsmlstrass17
DD 3510 or 9510?...Rovin...28
What's a good router?...Rovin...3
IDMax Recone-Eric-9
Looking for an ampLikeARock8
Anyone have a cheap 2 or 4ch amp FS?TWiZTiD1
4th order wall...Rovin...15
12" SQL SubMalib00tay14
New musicArt Vandelay28
Box Building Questions, Please HelpSlackinMack12
New Car. New Possibilities!Joe S7
Need 2 12'sD Loco52
Is Fat Mat any good?Malib00tay6
Kicker cvt12.2 problemjohn18
D3 12's or type r 12'sD Loco5
Diamond d1 or jl audio wxD Loco3
New enclosure designSkieZ18
18" subs and amps?SlackinMack17
How long of a port is too long?SlackinMack3
Diamond d1 or alpine type eD Loco2
Your thoughts on SQ setup.cwruck14
Helmholtz ResonatorCanaan6
Lanzar OPTI1222D VS Kicker 12'' CVRD Loco10
Close to finished - Fi Q's on mmats 3000.1Will French12
Created a Facebook page.SlackinMack3
HELP Choosing Right 2011-12 Full Size TruckSlackinMack68
Is this enclosure any good?Lord Huggington8
Alpine type r 12 sub enclosurekyle1
Crescendo CCX componentssean11
Crown vic?Will French43
Bass Blockers?Will French3
Wall talkLord Huggington4
Please help with sub reccomendationLikeARock60
Type r 10" ported boxHunter Herman7
SUB I.D.Mark Highland2
Sound Quality Sub/Amp Combo for $500quatsch11
Pioneer Champion series pro (12's) or kicker solo x (12's)...Brad Warren22
Should i stick with 2 15" CVR's or try out 4 10" Cadence's???...JoRdOn9
Im thinking of building a internet router....helpsean28
A nice competition sub need adviceTroy Jones31
OT: For Sale: Professional Enclosure for 2 12" SubwoofersRiddler14
Small vid/questionsLikeARock20
MB Quart Amplifier DealLikeARock2
Ssealed box size for TODAYs buildSlackinMack5
Novice looking to add subwooferLord Huggington6
Popping noise in subSomeDonnieDude6
Is it worth trading?TwatBot11
OT but please helpSlackinMack6
Best 10s for a small enclosure?SlackinMack19
Secret Santa ResultsMr. Jewburg36
SQL Subwoofer, ~1000-1500 wattssean46
Dealer cost car audio .comLikeARock12
Funniest youtube ever!Pimp8
FS: 15" ported enclosuresealedsealeddSKD1
Picked this up today for $60.Canaan18
2 Kicker CVR 15" vs 1 Alpine type R 15Canaan5
OS Orion HCCA 250rCanaan8
Better deal?Canaan3
4-dr Nissan Titan 2-DD1008 buildCanaan10
Subwoofer box designCanaan9
This ticks me offCanaan7
Alpine MRD-M1000Canaan2
Extra battery hookup HELP PLEASESKD6
Audiobahns, Sound like $h*t! LikeARock20
Look @ these dumb rednecks I foundCanaan24
Hello everyone. Back from basic trainingwandaddy17
Buzzing from subjake8
Guess what came in my mail!deathoob15
Pac soem-tSean P18
Home AudioLord Huggington15
This is what this site needs!!!!Paul Larrea11
What is this track called?Marc15
Square SubSSean P16
Image Dynamics changing/closingSlackinMack14
Need Help!!!JoRdOn7
OT-New exhaust Pimp34
OT: OpinionsRiddler13
Need some cheap 6.5 drivers with tons of mid bass, and 8" wooferCanaan10
What's the best enclosure for me?Canaan8
Random box questionsCanaan5
Please help me find this, I'm having no luck.Canaan6
157.6 db at 18 hzCanaan10
Charging wire to back battery?Canaan3
Quick Q- Kinetik BatteryBen Quirk4
Anyone hear CS 265 X-PLAIN PRO - RAINBOW 6.5" COMPONENT SYSTEM or ...sean7
Amp suggestionssean7
Who repairs amps?TWiZTiD15
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