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Hey guys! Been a long time since i've been on Ecoustics to see what's goin' on. With that said, i've also been out of the loop staying on top of new audio products, for good or the worse.

Regardless, I just recently replaced my 1996 Grand Prix for a 1991 Nissan 300zx. The ride is mint, completely stock and has only 77,000 miles.

So far, I have replaced the broken Bose stereo with a Kenwood KDC-BT948HD deck. Now with the ability to listen to music again, it turns out that only one speaker is blown. Not bad for 20 years of age!

As of right now, I still have my oldschool RE SE subwoofers and AQ-1200 which are still working perfectly fine like the day I got them. I was thinking about saving money and continue to use the same setup, but that's kindof boring. I'd like to see if I can change it up a little bit.

Now, I'm still going to use my AQ-1200, but instead of using two subwoofers, I'd like to simplify it down to one subwoofer. I was thinking of staying loyal to RE products and look into a SXX, but then I recalled that a few years ago I was really interested in trying out an FI Q, Treo SSp and/or DD 2500 Series.

Do you guys have any other suggestions on other newer line of Subwoofers that may have come out? Also as a bonus, what about any new lines or 6.5 component speakers?


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can't go wrong with a Q. if you don't mind spending a little more i've always wanted to try a dd 3500 out, or a 2500 would work as well.

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Well I was looking into the 3500 Series as well, by I do not want my amplifier to be performing at 100% all the time. I'd rather find something around 750-1000 Watts RMS at 1Ohm to give my amplifier a little breathing room.

Plus I don't think a 3500 Series would fit in my Nissan

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I think your current set up is perfect! I wouldn't get the re sxx as an upgrade tho. More like the re xxx for a nice upgrade.
But are you looking into big bass or clean sound? I'm not a fan of dd products 2500 series and down. The parts used are just not worth the high cost and they don't sound good but they are loud. 3500 and up is when they start breaking away from the competition.

Components I like dls or dynaudio. Won't go wrong buying a set in your budget from them.
Also I have been very interested in trying t3 subs out they seem to spec out very very nice for the money

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I am mostly looking for a setup more geared towards SQL. I listen to a lot of Metal, so I am looking for a Subwoofer that will be able to catch all of the Double Bass Kicks while still getting decently loud.

My current SE's are exactly what I am looking for, but like I mentioned above, I'd like to try something differen't for a change. If I don't like it, I can always sell the Subwoofer and drop in the SE's.

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Aside from trying a different sub, have you considered a different box? Ported or sealed, maybe bigger or smaller. I'm not an expert, but I do know the box has a major role in the sound the woofer creates. But a new sub is always fun.

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That is correct, the enclosure plays a huge role in the performance of any Subwoofer.

The current enclosure that I have, I specifically built to fit my Grand Prix. It also doesn't help that it is quite large, and because of this, it will not fit in my 300zx.

Regardless if I get a new Subwoofer or not, I will need to fabricate a new enclosure anyway.
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