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Hello all, I have a problem/situation. I recently had flooding in my basement and me not thinking about this decided to put my sub box on the floor. Anyway, so it got wet, not soaked, but wet. I checked it and it did not soak all the way through the board. The non-port side is the one that was affected. I thought at first it was the carpet, but I inspected a little more and found that the wood is pliable. Is this going to be an issue? Can I just let it dry or do I need to consider ordering a new box? Bassman, I did send you an email via your website, feel free to contact me either way. Thanks all. Oh and now that it starts to warm up, this happens. LOL

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that may or may not be covered under warranty, lol. humidity can kill boxes after a couple years if your car lets in a lot of humidity, for now if you can put it in a room with a dehumidifier for now do that. tho if bassman covers it, that means your warranty has been used, at least as far as i understand. he should tell you whats up.

why would you keep the box in the basement? thats not where it belongs.....

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it's probably still usable, but i'd plan on getting a new one in the near future.

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I replied to your email Eric. Like I said in the email, you will be just fine. It will not really degrade the quality of the enclosure over time but just keep an eye on things and make sure it dries completely.

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Sounds like a John Wheeler box! lmao!! Eric I think your attempt at a "Wheeler Box" is mediocre at best. If you wish to have the same quality and great sound of one of his boxes you must throw the entire box in a lake,pool,hot tub,ocean,river or other large size body of water. If you're on a tight budget a full bathtub works OK. Contact John Wheeler for a high quality,great sounding enclosure that will last for years and years and probably win a few compitions just by the looks of the box.

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haha john wheeler... good times

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He was just applying himself and using his creativity in exploring new ways of bending wood. I think he was going to try fire next.

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It's the drying that'll kill it because the wood will stretch when soaking up the water and then when it dries the wood is left with tiny gaps everywhere the water was held. Of course it's bad, but it really depends on how long the box was left wet. You could hose one down and dry it off and it'd be fine, but if left for something like 6+ hours I'd make a new one. It can warp on you. Not to mention they smell like whatever the water was mixed with.

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Thanks all. I will keep ya updated.

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you can use Thompsons Weather seal on your box to keep the moisture out of your wood and preserve it
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