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Say for 5kw & 6-9 cubic feet - is 2" MDF overkill for around a box? Is 1" enough? Will there be an increase in SPL when using thicker wood past 1"?

For 2 12's-15's-18's, what's a good sized baffle?

Should subs be counter-sunk? Have you gained from it, besides asthetics?

Would you rather have 2 12's housed in 2" or 2 15's housed in 1"?

If a 15" sub (with outside diam 15.625) that has adjascent wood under its .75" mounting baskets, if you angle/rotate the sub, would the screws go into that adjascent wood or would they miss it by a small margin? I'd normally leave the width of the wood past the outside diams (IE 15.625+1+1), just so the adjascent wood doesn't split, as it'd be .75-1".

For walls, do they get as low as something equal in gear from a trunk because the rear wave gets less room to propagate? I mean rear-firing in a trunk vs. walled right behind front seats.

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It seems like with a wall of speakers at your face, it doesn't sound quite as low. it's just harsh and high. I prefer the lows from a trunk.

2 12s housed in 2" would be absurd.
2 15s housed in 1" would be optimal.

Personally, I like the look of recessed. very clean. I have not heard of one gaining SPL from it though.

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2 15"s housed in 1" all around is good, but with bracing is even better. install is always KEY.

IMO, 2 15s recessed in a 1" all around with the front baffle doubled, so 2" front baffle, and bracing inside would be Optimal.

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a way to stiffen a box AND make it air tight is fiberglass the inside my bro did that to one of his boxes and gained .8 db he did it right to optimize airflow to the port

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1" mdf will be plenty dense
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