Image Dynamics changing/closing


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Sad sad sad day.

I don't think this has been posted yet but... namics.html


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that is some unfortunate news.. i wonder where things will go from here?

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wow if this truely means image dynamics is gone im glad i got my idmax 12 v3

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Hey sean ~ how do you like your idmax and what kind of enclosure do you have it in? power? -- I need to get mine hooked up!

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I havent hooked it up or put it in a box yet so i dont know but i went on its reputation and specs.....rovin has one and loves it in his 1.5 sealed box ...he metered it and for him it hits 140 db on 1000 watts

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he'll be good, guy will prollyyy start a new comp. and make better with reduced prices

better for me

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saw the news on another forum a few days ago - too bad

ID makes some good subs ...

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i have two image dynamic subs the idq 12 v2 and the image dynamic idmax 12 v3 d2 some subs that will become rare now in time

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What is happening (if you read through the DIYma topic), is Eric and Matt are leaving ID. They have not let on much info as to exactly what their plans are other then staying in the industry. Eric I believes owns a bunch of the ID driver designs, so he will be taking them with him.

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All they had to do is bring out the IDMAX in a 15, but nuuuuuuuu

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sh!t i would've settled for a 12" v4..

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their products have gone to crap recently so good bye to another crappy company so what

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Another player?



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WTF? Who said my name?
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