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Im not sure how good that company is,Ive heard mixed reviews but they have over 100,000 transactions with a 98.2% positive feedback score so thats not bad at all really. Says they have more than 10 of these Diamond Audio D6 2ch amplifiers for $129.95 plus free shipping. And it says they are new,not refurbs. Still even if they are refurbs thats a sick deal! I wish i had the money for a couple b/c I would for sure snag a couple while they're still around. Just thought Id share this great deal with you guys. Now stop reading this and go buy a few before they're gone!!

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Daymn that is a hell of a deal. They are a reputable brand too.

I would pick one up if I hadn't already decided on matching amps for my new system. lol.

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Ive ordered from hifi sound several of times and never had any problems with them. That is a hell of a deal though man. Ordering one now....

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$130 shipped for a new 450w 2 channel amp?


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Wow that is a good deal. I'll stick with my JL 300/2 though

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Seriously, it makes me tickle the idea of picking SEVERAL of these up. Like 5. Shelf them and flip them in a year. Problem would be in the warranty.

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that model is a couple yrs old but without a doubt its a steal of a deal ....

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I can beat that deal but im not telling

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Nice price. but i'm saving up for another jetski

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Do it paul... Sell em at your flea market or whatev... ppl who buy equipment there won't care about warranty anyways

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Anyone else that can beat this deal or come close hit me up-

There's a local I need to give a quote tomorrow, looking for <1000 rms amp (stock electrical, probably closer to 600 rms). Single cab F150, behind the seat so 2 12s or 3 10s are what he's looking for. Budget of $300 for subs/amp. I may get one of these amps and a SSA DCON unless someone has a better suggestion.
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