2 Kicker CVR 15" vs 1 Alpine type R 15


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I have an AQ1200.D and I am planning on wiring either one of these subs to 2ohms. The CVR's would be 1000w RMS and the type r would be 750w. My amp pushes out 870 @2ohms (so it states). I had it originally wired to 1ohm but the clipping light kept turning on so I grew annoyed and decided to lower the ohm. Which would be louder? (Cvr's price would be $269.99 and the type R would be $209.99)

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Username: Jarred

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Woops I meant 2 Kicker CVR12" and the price would be $169.99

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What do you have now?

Will you upgrade the electrical?

What do you listen to?

What vehicle?

How much space?

For ported or sealed or?

If sealed, it depends on the sub(s).

For daily, generally 2 12's should be louder than 1 15 - more cone area, motor force, maybe double the xmax, and possibly higher sensitivity. More positives than negativies with 2 12's over a 15. I went from a sealed CVR 15 to 2 sealed Pioneer 12's (same amp & space/3 cubes), and the 12's were better. Again, it's dependant upon the T/S.

Neither is great nor horrible, but look at 2 SSA DCON 12's for $125 each. 870/2 = 435W, and if the clipping light came on @ 1 ohm than I don't think it'll be seeing 870W either, so around 700W total, and 2 DCONS can handle that. They have really high sensitivity and people say they sound amazing, it's one of the better budget subs.

I wouldn't buy either of those brands because there's better for the same price - like the Fi SSD.

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I agree with Huggi on buying different sub brands. I had 2 CVR 12s and I wasn't too crazy about them. Granted, they were in a small downfire box with a shiiit amp, but I still watsn't too impressed w them. No experience with the alpine. I have had 2 CVR 15s sealed, and 2 different CVR15s ported and they were freakin sweet, loud, and powerful on the lowlow notes.

If you answer all of the quesitons Huggi asked, we will be able to guide you better.

IMO, go with 2 12s of brand of choice (not kicker or alpine)(go with one of the brands recommended on here). I have no experience with them, so I will let others recommend brands (sundown, aq, Fi, SSA, TC sounds, LMS sounds, IA, DC, DD)

OR.... go with 1 18" beast

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CVR's are good subs if you hug Kickers nuts
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