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i'm a novice when it comes to sound systems, but I have a 92 mercedes S Class that's lacking in the bass department. system sounds good with an existing 10 speaker system, but I want to add some bass. I listen to all types of music, so I've been told I should go with a sealed rather than a ported box.

I live in Guam and was recently quoted $325 for a pair of JL 12Wo in a sealed box, $299 for Massive 800 watt amp, $69 amp kit and $135 installation for total of $828...guy who gave me quote then said they'd do it all for $695.

Just wondering what you guys think of this. My existing deck is an old Sony X-plod (without usb connect). Thanks.

Oh, I should add, space isn't a problem as I have fairly large trunk area.

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that is a pretty steep price for the subs and the amp, but then again i do not know what other products would be available to you and at what price.

I would suggest asking the guy what all equipment he offers, write down that list with prices, and let us know here so we can point you in the right direction.

also with the amps, make sure to get a model number so that you can determine the rms wattage, because there is a distinct possibility that that massive amp is 800w max and not 800w rms

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Yea I am not sure how bad the shipping prices would be to Guam but sonicelectronix sells those subs for $95 a piece. And knowing that JLW0's can only take about 150-200 watts RMS each that is definitely not an 800 watt RMS amplifier (well it could be but that seems a tad overkill).

Like Kyle said, I would check out what else they offer, $300 for an 800 watt peak (assuming 400 RMS) is a bit crazy.

$695 for the whole setup is still a bit too much, but then again I don't know what kind of shipping prices you would have to pay if you looked elsewhere.

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PPPPFFFTTT, don't spend your money there.

Check out, WoofersETC (more expensive/better).

Read up on how a sub performs in a sealed box, you most likely won't like it unless the sub is an LMS-motor or has rare/good specs. It may have zero advantages over a ported box.

Decide on your budget - including wires, battery(ies), alternator, deadening - and if you're willing to buy all that too.

You might as well measure the trunk and give us the useable dimensions.

For amps look at Audioque and Cresendo, those are the cheap ones (quality) at the moment, for instance the AQ 1200W @ 1 ohm is only $250 new, pretty sure shipping is free? Not for you probably.

I don't know the value of stuff in Guam, but still that's WAY too much when 12W0's are $95!

My picks for sealed:

Alpine Type-R
Eclipse SW8000 series (old 8000/new 8010/old 8200/new 8210) - hard to find.
TC Sounds LM-R

Any other LMS-motor or XBL^2 motor (both need a big box).

Also the Dayton Classic 300W RMS 18" looks good in a big box, cheap at $115.88 from Sonic.

Check out Fi, SSA, Digital Designs, DC, all of those much talked about brands.

You can model the response with the QTC, FS, and VAS (in cubic feet):

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you must have overlooked that he lives in guam...

i think his options might be a bit limited

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Yeah I forgot about shipping availability. Barrack Obama is their president though.
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