What's the best enclosure for me?


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I'm having trouble selecting the best enclosure for my weapons to go in the trunk of a 2004 Honda Accord. I have a Polk SR12-Dual Voice Coil that I'll be using with a Kicker ZX750.1 amp. I've heard that if I'm looking for sound quality to go with a sealed box but if I want power and clean bass I should go with a ported enclosure. Please help... Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thanks

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You heard wrong.

Sealed gives better power handling (always) and can give better low-end extension (as in frequency response). Ported gives +3dB over sealed, and aside from it being noticeably louder it has a different sound to it. It's a little more boomy, but not as in peaky in the frequency response (depending on the sub). Sealed is usually a little crisper.

Ported & sealed being better than the other for SQ is a myth, it depends on everything else. You can't just put an SPL sub in a sealed box and have better SQ, and vice versa for an SQ sub.

You can model the frequency response if you have the QTS, FS, and VAS (in cubic feet):

Try ported.

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if i remember correctly the Polk's do MUCH better in a sealed box, least my old ones did. Polk didn't even have specs for what to do as far as ported for there subs.

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I think sealed would be best, but perhaps ported would work; Its kind borderline.

I have always wanted to try out that sub, you are a lucky guy. Let us know how it sounds.

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Hell yeah thanks guys. I'll be installing it this week and @ Kyle, I'll let you know how it sounds.

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What do you mean by "if I want power", you already know you're using 750W, and a box isn't going to "give you power" lol. If the sub can't handle atleast 500W than don't use that amp.

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By power he meant the increased output of ported over sealed.

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bandpass boxes if done properly hit lower and get louder...but it takes lots of skill and research to build them properly
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