Is Fat Mat any good?


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I can get 100 square foot of Fat Mat online for $132.99, which seems like a great deal but I've got a couple of questions. One is, is it a good product? I know there are better brands out there, but is this stuff worth getting? Second is, just how much is 100 square foot, in terms of a car? I have a 2000 Celica, which of course is a rather small hatch back. I'd like to be able to fully cover both my front doors and my entire trunk. Would 100 SQ foot be enough to do that? I'll buy it and try it if its worth the money and trouble of installing it.

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I say go for it. I just dont see the reason going expensive on sound deadening. My car is sound deadened but it still rattles. Anyone who is loud enough and has multiple layers cars still rattle. So I say go for it. And that should be plenty enough to do the trunk and doors and maybe enough to double up most of it.

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Supposedly FatMat is manufactured in the same warehouse as Peel n' Seal that you can buy at Lowes. Unfortunately I can't find the link where I read about that. Sorry.

Surprisingly enough, according to Lowes website, a 6" by 25' roll (thats 12.5 square feet) costs $18. Doin' a little math says 100 square feet would cost you around $144.

Also you can buy a 100 square foot roll of Peel & Seal here for $135 036-doitbest-sku-106585.dib?utm_source=shoppingfeeds&utm_medium=googlebase&utm_c ampaign=BROI

And if you live in a place where your car might get really hot (like me in sunny florida) It may not be a good idea because this stuff has low heat tolerance. Check out the picture in post #174 in this thread: r/45413-home-depot-dynamat-real-time-7.html I didnt read the whole thread but just looking at that pic steered me clear away from asphalt based deadeners.

If you really want to try it, Id head to your local Lowes and check out a roll of Peel & Seal to see what your getting.

EDIT: 100 sqft would probably be enough to cover every inch of your car with a single layer, with some to spare.

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I wouldn't waste the time or money. I persoanlly used fat mat in my old car. First off, sound deadening your car is a lot of work and your only gonna wanna do it once, you'll see what I mean once you get started. Fatmat lasted for a while in my ride but once summer rolled around, the chit started melting and peeling off. I was so pis$ed when a big chunk peeled off and landed on my sundown sae 1200. Your gonna want to find a deadener that is not asphault based. Hit up don at sound deadener showdown, he has great products very patient with questions and isn't going to try to sell you more than you need

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Ya the other guys are right my buddy used that stuff from lowes but it didn't last. Since he had a ton he re did his trunk again and used a heat gun to put it on but still if you live somewhere warm it wouldn't be a good idea.
Where I'm from here in colorado alot of people use audio wrap and its food stuff but a lil expensive
But I guess shop around until you find something a little better that will stick.. I just don't see the point in spending too much because if you have alot of power your car is still going to rattle and to me sound deadening doesn't do too much for the amount of money it costs..

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"To me sound deadening doesnt do too much for the amount of money it costs "

Maybe you didnt do it right? i sound deadened my front doors and it helped the midbass tremendously. Its total night and day without the sound deadener.

To the OP, if you are going to spend the time and money on ANYTHING, think about this "DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME" It may be more expensive at first, but chances are it will be done right and that, to me, outweighs going with a less expensive/quality product.
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