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Centralia, Illinois United States

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i have two 13.5 W7s and i was looking for suggestions on what kind of amp i should run them with and at wat ohm

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Illinois Braaap MX

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Nice to see another member from IL

Dual 1.5 coils? What vehicle, any electrical upgrades such as alternator/batteries? Have a price budget?

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get a crescendo 2 k for 275 shipped and run it at .75 ohms.....they are taking orders now but wont ship out until a month from now

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^^^^ That price is crazy, as is the 6 1/2" comps for $99. Only thing is that they don't seem like they were prepared at all for all the orders they received. Not very good planning.

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Sorry to get off topic in your thread but sean do you know if Crescendo is coming out with a 2 channel? I just bought a set of their components and it would be nice to get a matching amp.

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Ontario Canada

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Why's it so cheap, does it do rated?

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twisted your best bet is to call them....heres the info

To contact via phone for all general questions regarding products, order status and after sales support call (941) 257-4767 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm Eastern Time. If lines are busy, please leave a voicemail including your name and phone number and your call will be returned as soon as possible.
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