Extra battery hookup HELP PLEASE


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hey does anyone know how to hookup an extra battery to my amp or subs??

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yes, also do not hook up the battery to the sub, bad things happen.

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I think the question should be why are wanting to run multiple batteries? It doesn't allow you to run bigger amps or give your more power.

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it will give you a bigger reserve for bigger amps but you would benefit more from one good battery and a HO alt.

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power wire from front batt to pos of sec batt sec bat ground to car, hook amp to second bat.

this has been a lazyass response because i am watching tv.

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Cheapest and easiest is parallel, one connected directly to the other. You want a fuse before the second battery as well as after the first in case there is ever a short in the wire. Running in parallel, you need to make sure both batteries are good or the bad one will pull down both batteries. Adding a second battery can help with voltage drop, as long as you're not exceeding the amperage draw your alt can handle. If you are your batteries will simply drain and not be getting a charge. First be sure you have a good battery up front, and have did the big 3 and have a good ground in the rear for your amp(s). If you then want to add a second battery, go for it.
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