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How much to list an amp for saleMalib00tay9
Bass Blockerssean7
Sub and port placementBo Ellis3
SCREWED by Skar/1800woofers/subtillisSomeDonnieDude16
Tejcurrent Tahoe RebuildTroy Jones118
Re audio sx 12 vs audioq hdc 12bobby334214
Why lilrob is such a retard?Pimp85
$1000 sub/amp budget.. sqcivic18
Sub box design need helpEric Riffe2
Subwoofer Enclosure HelpBroncokid7
Which design?Porkchops "rob" Ramb3
Sub woofer Help!dude89
Best SQL.....with a lil humor storyHunter Dias22
I just got an good deal on my new spl subwooferPorkchops "rob" Ramb11
Live and learnLord Huggington28
Somebody just hit my carMakinblak35
OT: Some interesting newssean4
Crescendo Audio a new choice for amps at a better pricesean25
Wiring 12 S4 or D4 subs closest to .67-1.33 ohms?Lord Huggington7
New sub setup for a del solMakinblak27
No Subwoofer signal?deathoob4
Burp powerG. Irv5
No Noob Impendance Questionalonzoub9
Final questionsBo Ellis7
Sub help againZane1
Ecoustics Fantasy Baseball 2011Brad Warren19
Look what they did for this kidLord Huggington18
Question about SAX-50.4deathoob2
Need help with Fi Bl options jake6
Image Dynamics vs TC Sounds-Eric-15
Anyone know where i can get a eclipse 8200 subwooferLord Huggington6
Holy shitballs!!!!Lord Huggington7
Significant upgrade?Bo Ellis13
Vid of my last set upsean15
Custom Box Makerssean8
New car for graduationsean51
Enclosure came in. Rl-p installed. Pics and my review. sean27
Installing at Best Buy?sean12
Shallow mount subsWilliam Pierce6
Alternator question?Troy Jones18
Greatest thing ever??Porkchops "rob" Ramb36
Alpne cda-105 or kenwood kdc-x494wandaddy6
Subwoofer Box HelpKyle Longbrake2
Yet another "What subs should I get?" threadSomeDonnieDude10
What up D'BagsPimp16
Questions about door speakersM.S.11
Enclosure for SKDKyle Longbrake33
Question on SubJarred26
TC sounds axis and lms ported?Makinblak3
Changed my site a bitted nunya9
Crown ampRicky Lussier3
FYI Just in case someone might benefit...Rovin...3
Tc sounds lms 5400 18" making into a 12" questionLord Huggington11
Last minute votes!Joe6
Ecoustics AdventuresStavenmist3163
Couple things for saleSean P8
First single cab setupEric Riffe2
I likey these!!TWiZTiD7
Dual Alternator questions (Troy Jones or anyone else who knows what...Motha Ducka17
Killerzracing71 is going to the armyLil young Big smalls24
Finally done with my system...Street Legal12
Massive Audio amps not so "massive" anymore Kevin28
Auto armor deadning?Nolan Paul7
Amp choiceJoe14
Multiple questionsLord Huggington16
Wiz Song SlapssssLord Huggington2
Wiz Song SlapssssVC231
Finally done with my system...wandaddy2
Inline converterMatt4
WiresRicky Lussier12
1200 watt Single 12'' suggestions.sean29
In the market for some new gear.sean3
My new rideSean P16
Amps for active 3-waydenim22
In the market for some new gear.Nolan Paul1
BernyMac 2001 Tundra Audio Build V2Troy Jones36
DL Designz Custom Enclosure SaleBassman365
Subwoofer box design requestsean10
What subs everyone using these days?sean51
2 amps 1 sub,connecting to each coilsean7
Need help pleaseshopvac2
New comps. Hertz,RainbowTWiZTiD9
Bimmer System suggestionsSmith7
Daniel maybe? need easiest way to get in touch with mike (shocker)...Pike1101
Blace Ice Chevy 12 18's 24k holy sh!tLord Huggington3
J-DESIGNS!Jake Hill1
2002 Ford Taurus suggestions.Kyle Longbrake15
FS-JBL BPX500.1 Crown TWiZTiD10
OT: made some videosRicky Lussier19
Anyone need a good set of short RCAs?lOwLiFe5
Engine whine noisesean33
Box design for two JL 12w7'sMike34
Want more bangLord Huggington55
Sealed 15"sLord Huggington15
Any interest.....?TWiZTiD24
RD Audio Alpha 12" for Sale $180State_Property3
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