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Tough decision, help plzLogan2
Out with the old in with the new?Domenico Zerilli12
HelpMike Loudon7
PaulyPaul Larrea19
Selling pair of RD 3250.1 V1slOwLiFe34
Need helpThieves3
To mojo or not to mojo?Smith11
Tough decision, help plzKangology 10130
I've got bigger problems. Shawn Dooley12
1/0 4sale if int.M.S.3
Interchangeable portsBen15
F/s alot of stuff look insidescott s21
Spl in a trunk carBen7
Who builds enclosures here?Bassman316
For sale: 12" RD Sonance V2 *cheap*SomeDonnieDude8
Sex in a black aluminium case.Mr. Jewburg21
AudioQue boxJosh Hanchera9
Anyone got the new rd 1000.1?zack w16
Setting a little goal.Canaan10
13w7 question![...Rovin...]14
Plexi glass boxI'm not gay but $20 5
New to sub setups - Need helpJohn R20
T-Line Box buildtyler gallo43
Question about my setuptyler gallo5
Shallow mount subs???Matt Bradshaw8
Want to buy: ascendant chaos 12 or fi q 12Motha Ducka3
For sale: ascendant audio assassin 12SomeDonnieDude3
For sale: mtx 6001ryanrokita1
For sale 2 infinty perfect 12'sryanrokita1
Fi q 12 boxryanrokita14
Saz 3500dMark Brockman25
Box for 12" alpine type rAbarca5
Pics system just blew out the side windowsJulian10
Need a boxFisherCustoms.com16
Goods for saleI'm not gay but $20 5
Box Buildadam dillion18
Kicker 18 inch solo X Sean P57
What sub should i get[...Rovin...]6
Finaly made a video of my car.charles selfridge32
Dynamat extreme vs ???SomeDonnieDude12
For Sale: Fairly High End EquipmentYanks Fan34
Going Gold yet once again haha Quentin21
New System Advice Pleaseadam dillion33
Upgrading systemSmith12
GUYS IM LOSING MY MIND!I'm not gay but $20 12
<<<SPL Sub?>>>Chris1522
A Download maybe?M.S.7
What a difference..M.S.3
What do you guys think of image dynamics?Ben Quirk6
Help me out boysOdd Dio8
Functions on HUShawn Dooley3
What wires do i need to hook up 1 sub and 1 amp?M.S.11 M.S.4
Just making sure..M.S.2
OT: Computerssean26
Sigh here we go again any suggestionsBlak1
Need Hard Hitting Sub!!!Chris1520
OT: need a solid new HU Yanks Fan7
Us Amps AX-3200DEKevin Holden2
Build Log- 2 18s, 10,000wTroy Jones98
Who wants this dog?Mark Brockman9
Upgrade neededPacci11
Rd sonance enclosureQuentin20
For sale : Comp subs, need to go nowMark Brockman4
Battery Keeps Dying!Mark Brockman39
Brands of WireTroy Jones8
Subwoofer wiringChris Gheraldi4
Installed Revo 10... its really quite? helpSomeDonnieDude18
This is niceShawn Dooley13
Pics.. package.. twins :-)...¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤18
Ported Box Specs Suggestions?7thStreetX13
2 type R's Custom BoxPaul Larrea10
Subs not powering with amp still onOdd Dio4
Let's talk rca's¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤15
Perfect box for 2- 12" Type R's PortedShawn Dooley2
OT: little help?charles selfridge6
Big 3 questions.Shawn Dooley9
Hifonics Amp Internal FaultM.S.5
End of the day WINNAR!Thieves10
Crazy stuff ...Ducka Mutha Fucka9
Starting to build againcharles selfridge11
Please help...economics...who knows this..?blaine westropp12
HO alt question.Shawn Dooley20
Hooking up the subs.Josh Tucker17
New vid of scott s jeepscott s7
Why did my voice coils blow???TWiZTiD23
HunterWJames Longo20
OT: Lost Season 5M.S.7
Much needed insight on new setup¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤21
I need help with a subwoofersean22
Really need some advice¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤10
Infrasonic FilterShawn Dooley5
Ohm wiring diagram - offline¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤2
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