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Building a box...and what's a good design for it. josh miller11
Roadmaster 8s the next experiment on new abc box designsean7
Better box tuneRay Paek11
Type R, 05 Subs What Amps, Wiring EtcJames2
Which Sub is betterJC4
My subs work...but my speakers keep cutting out???josh miller7
Ascendant Audio HavocAvalanche181
What would be betterAnonymous7
Omg amazing discoveryAvalanche184
Blueprints for 2 12" Kicker L7's in Silveradodonny keen2
Ported box optionsAlpineThumping2
Shocker sigAlpineThumping2
Has anyone ever tried this?david hizzle6
Best Sub for sq ironbytes13
TC Sounds inc?E10
Amp for 1 15" Ava for arround $250?Shane S26
Experienced fiber glass installersRam1500Hemi36
Cuspid beats jl?! take a look...Anonymous16
WiringRichie Marino4
Sub not playingMichael Anthes5
Isaac or anyone who knows technical stuff please respondIsaac8
Subwoofers Cut OutJosh Allison5
Sub SizeMichael Anthes3
Highest Recorded Decibel Level????Michael Anthes35
Hows this for a different idea?sean4
Kicker ix405dsean2
Avalanche with a mtx thunder942. to work or not to workAnonymous3
Ava availabilitymikechec92
Sub is burning up...but not blown???solution???danny g823
Subwoofer ??'sdanny g824
Amp-sub matchmikey-t13
Box Type: Quick QuestionBIG ed2
Tuan's Tutorialssean6
Is it possible to fry an alternator this way?Joe Smoe4
This sucksbassfishing1
What's this song?Invictuz2
Series / Parallel Vs. Parallel / ParallelMatt Via The 54010
Dual voice coil in seriesInvictuz8
Subs hit at different times.. i don't know whyChris Person10
Anybody else still waiting for Ascendant Audio products??Joe Smoe22
Ok guys I wanted to clear things up with the abc boxsean1
Think I just learned the signs of a bad alternatorsean14
New audiobahnmikechec94
New Subwoofer PlansChris Person5
Hook up multiple subs with one sub-outChris Klein6
RE SX or SS RL-p?mikechec92
Kicker CompShawn6
Square subsmikechec99
Check it out guysHunter Warren6
Plans for boxjosh langley5
Downfire postion Anonymous5
NEED a 2 ohm load! help with the wiring plzderek siegel4
Alpinesdustin pettit18
Alphasonik QB10SBrian Yorks1
Input request on building a 6 sub sealed enclosure for my Jeep GCsq junkie6
How much is a re se 12Anonymous3
Hook up JUST subs?Matt Ferbend10
I have a question for the tech headssean4
Tangband dual 6.5 abc box in my car now sean3
Quick questionmikechec97
Whats a website, or someone on this site that can custom build...mikechec92
Anybody wanna try to build their own sub?sean7
Resonant Engeering shipping out products at the moment???»JaZz«2
Anyone want to build a rear-loaded horn? It's easy now.Knacko7
Pushing Alpine R'sIsaac W.8
How do you think NINE 10" Punch 1's would sound???Chris Klein14
Dual chamber abc box hit hardersean15
Kicker or jldustin pettit23
Witch makes more sense to get?Joe Smoe7
James or Isaac, where'd you get your 40 amp fuses?James Longo4
My deck isn't working right??Ram1500Hemi7
Build my system pleaseAnonymous11
Should go with 3 or 2 adire 12'sHunter Warren6
A few comparation(??)plzdustin pettit5
Jonathan.. sq driven ported box..Joe Smoe6
Snailshells and Single Reflex Bandpass EnclosuresJoe Smoe7
Buying 3 SubwoofersBrett Davis6
How do I figure resonant frequency using a cars interior dememnsions?sean16
Quick question any1... need imediate responseTrevor Eaton2
Bandpass box question??sean2
Re XXXmikey-t40
Hifonics or Planet Audio ampqcsfinest4
Can 8 8" subs hit harder then 2 15" subs????Ryan13
Whats better for rap 10's or 12's?James Longo58
Subwoofer amp combinationcorey lipnisky1
Resonant frequencyKnacko2
Hifonics BX1205D Fuse ratingRedrazor30
Ne thing for sale?Chris Klein12
How biggadifference?taylor177
155 dollars for a hccaBrandon riddell1
Is it possible...Knacko5
Would a 1000xd brutus run these?taylor173
Kicker s12dNick Smith1
Help me with a systemtaylor174
Any suggestions? Is there any way to...taylor178
Rockford HE2 12staylor175
Glasswold james, whomever, what would the perfect sub be...taylor1710
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