Input request on building a 6 sub sealed enclosure for my Jeep GC


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i have the subs: currently four installed; (2 per prefab sealed box) and four NIB in garage.
I have the amp: Orion 2500d
Now its time to install two more subs for a total of six.

i am looking for ideas, suggestions, etc...

Has anyone on here built a 6 sub enclosure (or two three sub enclosures)?

What are pitfalls i should be aware of...

any sites with designs?

All replies are appreciated!


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Username: Invictuz

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I just cannot find a good source of information about installing six subs in my jeep...

anyone know of any websites or have any experience with six subs in one vehicle?

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what do you want to know? you build a box you put the subs in the box, you run the wires to the subs and you turn them on. Hope that helps :-)

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hey i have a 97 jeepGC adn i am getting a system put in in a week...i was just wondering how the truck sounds with speakers in it and any difficulties u have

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Alpine: i am looking for some thing not square...i dont want it to be taller than 22" (windows height) and that each sub has at least .65cf.
i do not know how to measure internal i was hoping for some direction from some that knows...

Anthony: Currently i have four 10s w/a good...a bit boomy...likely my boxes...

trying to consolidate and add more...

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You might try going to There is a program on there called "winisd". This program asks for the paremeters of your woofers then gives you ideal enclosure applications. You can even play around with the box dimensions to make it fit the way you want it to. Then all you have to do is print out the info is gives you and start builing boxes. The best part about this is you can make the boxes look like anything you want (personalized) plus have the reward of saying its something you did yourself. Anywho thats the best I can think of. BTW the "winisd" program is free.
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