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Which subwoofer is suited Lewass7
Damn good system?matt smith35
Does shape of box make a differenceBLack f1505
Just curious.... i might do it!Lewass7
How to tune this boxLewass2
Lewiss!! Question for you!Lewass3
5,000 Dollars to dish out on the best systemLewass49
Is it possible to just glue an enclosure together NO screws?[...Rovin...]41
CVR box?brandon wells9
Anyone post over at
Looking for 2 15" re se's Chauncey Brown11
Cone fallng offmarshall white4
Which Ascendant setup would be the best?WrEaK HaVoC7
Question for ROVIN![...Rovin...]2
POS forum messed me upWahl3
Zac davis helpJames Longo7
Why does my sub sound like this???Trevor Eaton9
12's in a SUVDustin23
Help make final decisionSeth Walker11
Marshall could use your helpcharlie5
What exactly is SPL?VC2310
Costom boxezCUSTOM BOXES54
One sub to 2 ampslilrob3
OT - Plot the frequency response of your owns ears!Jonathan13
Box buildingmarshall white2
RE vs AADustin4
Help hitting a higer db..../\/\ike15
Eclipse SW9122 vs Kicker Solobaric L7 12 inchSW91525
????NEED!!!!HELP?????Roland Berthiaume5
Asdcedant audio questionsJoseph Kubiak31
How do you find the displacment for box bracing?Joseph Lewis8
New Sub SuggestionsB24
Settled for 12w7.D.6
2 sets of diffrent subsLewass4
Box Design/Dimensions needed! 2 15's 8cfJake Davis5
Digital designs 3515 box specs HELP HOW BIG?marshall white3
Pics of:::re audio subs,amp,speakers,box and car check it outlilrob40
XXX vs. SXcharlie16
Can a slotted port be like this? pic includedLewass14
How do I put 2 amps on one sub safely?Alan Beauchamp8
250$ HELP ME!!!Maxx32
Pioneer premier question?????????????????Brandon9
Is 2" safe for port noisebassfishing3
I need help wiring my subs!!brandon wells8
Attn: [Kéviñ_Previé] Adam2
Which one would be louder?Juvenile14
JL question?!?!kyle skelly10
Is this legit?John Fiacchino4
Noticable difference?Polo6
What is a good amp for re sx?Dustin2
Whats up with pierce audio productsChauncey Brown5
Woofer ringsmikechec92
Two portsJay B.13
Need help quick please on my new pioneer HU ?!Rave'n11
Anybody wann buy an infinity ref 1240????Justin Herrington3
2 alpine type x's, or 2 jw7s?VC233
Question for JL W7 ownersBrandon12
Dr.Crankenstein??? Freddy18
My finished box w/ 3 10's @ 35 HzLewass27
DD 3515/Cadence/Phoenix Gold stuff for saleChauncey Brown9
Kicker L7....what amp??andy werner5
!!!!XXX!!!! questionRoland Berthiaume3
Best advice givers, this will be a challenge for you.Freddy18
What would hit 200 dbWahl56
Has anyone else had this happen?bassman311
Will this power these subs lol WrEaK HaVoC2
Subwoofer Rubber Surround RepairMark S11
Where the hell do you buy RE subs?!CUSTOM BOXES3
High bass or low bass?Joseph Lewis11
My temp system PicsThomas E Miller10
Off topic bucket seats...?killer8
Two 12" resonant engineering re subs for $140 ok?maco ochoa5
Pioneer 3000spl vs kicker l5ctmike2
Check this BEFORE YOU BUY!!!Young James6
Can anyone do thisAdam McCoy22
Can someone advise me what to do about rattling??»»» DrUnkBoB «««5
Blown RE SXs mysteryPolo9
Would fiberglassing the inside of a box take the place of bracing?Joseph Lewis7
AMERICAN BASS??marshall white5
Some pictures from a db dragWrEaK HaVoC22
Haha just a goofy questionLewass4
Audiofonics ADF-292; Yay or Nay?Optidriven4
U choose one .....!!!!!Juvenile10
Where can I get........WrEaK HaVoC4
Engine noiseBig Rick11
2 questions 4u guys...MB quart SUBs N box brandon wells2
Kicker compVR VS. kicker solobarric L7Clinton Macleod17
1 amp per sub or 2 amps strapped for both subs?ty mutlow8
Diamond AudioBob Koenig2
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