Just curious.... i might do it!


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i was wondering if you can realy get a jlw7 for 90 dollers on those "matrix" site like they say on ebay... it only costs like 35 dollers and you could make like 700.... should i try it? dose anyone know anything about them?

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If u want to realy b blown.....Very Blown when u dont EVER get that w7..its a scam.....If u know whut the Name of the deal is "MATRIX deal" y would u want to try it....Better yet give me 90 dollars and i will tell u where to get a w7

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Come on Maxx, what kind of question is that? You should already know the answer to it... lol

Didn't your parents ever warn you about pyramid schemes? =P

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well being 16yrs old, you think like that...

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im 18, going into an accounting major, i know a good deal about how businesses work etc..

but i really am stumped about how these wholesellers are makin profit with the cheap prices they are offering. for example...

my alpine mrd-m1005..i bought for 300$, buy it anywhere else and its 550$. my subs are listed at 150$ and i got them for 70$???? so what did i get, refurbs, or were they not a scaM??

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maxx i think you should do it lol

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There is HUGE mark up in car audio, moreso than almost any other industry... Just ask any butt buy or circuit city employee how much that stuff costs @ their employee discount... They get everything around 60% off.. You wouldn't believe how much monster cables are marked up... they are about 80% off at the discount..
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