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JL or infinity subsJonathan2
Subfanatic, Whats the deal?Oso3
Sealed to ported?Rovin2
Advice on SubwooferRyan4
Best SQL Sub for MTX 801dQuick Shot 4ever2
MA Audio Hkx2 12"Anonymous1
Jonathan/Glass.. My Brahmas Againmikechec910
I need a systemsecretsoundz2
AdireBrady Fedro1
Ever heard of Audioque or Incriminator Audio?marshall white2
Has anyone heard of CDT subs?Anonymous2
Suggest a Config for US $333robert r d r d6
Box for dodge dakotaD P W14
Type-X slotted/sealed comparison?allende57
Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.5"Jonathan3
Clickity clankJonathan6
Which amp?Brandon Moody1
Anyone ever heard of CDT?Jonathan2
LOOKING FOR JL 10 or 12W7justin baker1
JL worth it?ucfsaxman2
Will 8 gauge be enough?Isaac W.2
15" vs. 2-12"Yamaha Banshee8
Question about a online car audio storeJack3
REBrady Fedro1
Isaac nvm i might just get the xxxscott DeBaker4
Best every day spl subtaylor1714
Post #400taylor174
Help with SQL choicesMuddyWaters5
Component powerMuddyWaters2
1 12'' SX vs. 2 12'' W3's?(strictly SPL)MuddyWaters2
HELP with my new amp/subs!Chris Person11
What is my subwoofer enclosure tuned to?Erik DaGenerik2 still aroundJC1
Had my amp tuned, i think guy was an idiot.. help me out pleasesean18
Idmax or Idq?Stevie doo3
Items must go! orion, ma audio, infinity, JBL!zac baker6
Box CoveringJonathan2
Price DropOso16
Check out my system...what do you thinkGlassWolf4
New Brahma??Jonathan3
Which one?Stevie doo3
What amp?taylor172
Two DD 9512's in a silveradotaylor174
Cast your votes: Most Reputable Brand Name in the Industrymixneffect31
More Orion h2 helpbaji irwin3
If you ever Heard 2 ''15 Avalanches In a Car(not truck)or know somt...MO7
What did I do wrong - noobe help.Erik Johnson8
Will we be deaf at age 50?Compluva11
6 OHMmikechec92
Cast your votes: Best SQL Sub on the Marketmixneffect17
Top mount? bottom mount?Rovin2
Wiring diagramphil042
Skeptics Of Lightning AudioHarrison Martin21
Ga suxMuddyWaters14
Single sub for SQ suggestions?Justintoxicated9
Best 10" subs cast votemarshall white7
HOLY CRAP!!!!!!Jonathan13
Resonant engineeringAnonymous53
Component powersecretsoundz1
Need help wiringdddd1
Box QuestionWahl2
Jonathan / GLassWolf Please Help me Decide Justintoxicated3
Titanic MKIIIBenny Boy4
Online Shops for Car audioRovin5
Better Than SXMatt f6
Word of the week: "Qts"Trevor Eaton11
JL AudioCameron Stillwell5
Diamond 12 tdxUltimate Post Ho2
Quick ported box q before i start buildingscuba steve2
V-max vs. Type RJohn McCourmik3
Kicker cvrJeff Loughrey2
4 resonant re's or 1 sxrobert r d r d4
Is it true that having the same brand of amp and subs creats the be...Matt f5
Verdict on the RE12'sChris Person7
Alpine vs Diamond AudioJeff Loughrey3
Solobaric L7 or Sony Xplod?robert r d r d12
Box diameterscuba steve5
Getting out of car audio,selling sx still.Justin1
What do ya think?walter nickle3
JBL Bass tube or JBL subwoofer with enclosureMuddyWaters3
New 12 inch subwoofersRyan9
Semi TruckWahl1
RE 15" MT updateJonathan10
Re mt 12 or 15scott DeBaker13
Where to buy: Adire shivasJeff Loughrey5
Klipsch Promedia 5.1S. Singh1
Anywhere that i can find this?Rovin7
Need new subs....taylor176
So, I have this custom box....Ricky Lussier6
Rainbow SubsJoe Smoe7
Power for my spl subwoofer?Jeff Loughrey2
Breaking news about the avalanche and 1000/1..also a QRay Paek6
Attn: Owners of the RE12'sJeff Loughrey5
Better than a 240 amp alt?Jeff Loughrey2
Sub placement helpRovin5
Need help choosin subs + amp + speakersRovin7
Diffrent types of ported boxesscott DeBaker3
A short... i thinkJake Hill2
RE SEAnonymous20
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