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Does anyone know what could be better (SQ) than an Re SX... I heard their more for SPL than SQ i want something that has both... I dont know if this is going to have good SQ that I want. Price matters but up to like 400. And only 1 12'' is all i want thanks.

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Have you tried RE X.X.X subs? It can do both SQ and SPL. The 12" should be within your price range.

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Hey can anyone give me the price of SX 15"?

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Thanks for cutting my thread. Why dont you call them and find out. Or check other threads, I've seen them before.

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you can try that XXX like issac sayed but you can also try the Eclipse Titanium which has very good SQ and still gets loud

a 15" SX is $269 plus shipping

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I thought everyone should see this: ereo-Rockford-Cerwin-Vega-LOOK_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ6159QQitemZ4571393895Q QrdZ1
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