So, I have this custom box....


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Hey everyone...

So, I went ahead and had this sweet vented box built that's a net 3.5 Cubic Feet box tuned at 32 hertz, but now I am in a dilemma about what woofer I want.

At first, I was going to buy an Eclipse Ti, that's what I had the box built for. However, it seems extremely hard to find these woofers, and I guess I'm weary of buying one because its 400+ dollars and if it breaks who knows if I can find a new one.

So, while I am still considering the Eclipse Ti, I was looking at the RE SX. I see that the 12 inch has about the same cutout diameter, and if I order direct from the company, I know if I have issues, I can always get a new one.

My question is simple. Whichever sub I purchase will be getting about 600-700 watts RMS.

How does the RE SX compare to the Eclipse Titanium? Is the difference worth the risk of being out 400 dollars?

If people could please give me some direction, that would be awesome.

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the Ti is an incredible sub. I've heard the sq on the SX isn't so great so if you want sq, get the Ti.

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Why in the sam he11 did you build a box before you bought your sub? Boxes need to be built for the woofers not the woofer be bought to fit the box.

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Well he told you... he was going to get the Eclipse Ti didn't know if wanted to take the risk of getting it because if it broke he couldn't return it, so he would be screwed $400. Simple, just not so smart.

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its car audio, basically unless its manufactorer defect you're out that money. Theres no guarentees usually...

Its like people with BMX bike parts...they bend there forks doing some stupidly large gap and they expect a compnay to send them a new one...things break, its part of life.

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sometimes you can make it looks like a manufacturer defect and it is just your stupidity like with my brand new maxxis hookworm tires on my MNTbike, they replaced them and paid shipping :-)
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