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was just wondering what ggas prices are in other areas, i live in s california, victorville, gas is around 3.15, in barstow, theyve stoppped selling gas in cartain areas.

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Farmington, CT

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oh quit your b!tching, gas is expensive everywhere.

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Wisteria, Lane USA

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$3.49/gallon in MI.
that's for 87 octane "regular"

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Username: 69vwvan

Winamac, Indiana USA

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$3.46 in Indiana
also for 87 octane

3.29 in Colaumbia, SC

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$1.149/liter for 87 octane in Alberta ($4.353/gallon).

robert r d r d
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damn bout 2.63 - 3.09 for 87 in miami

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it's going to be $3.34 here in NW Ohio by tomorrow. It's only going to get higher. The pumps in the south are still down and it's possible prices may be as high as $5.00 next week this time.

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Hicksville, Ohio Usa

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wahl what town u live, cause i live in northwest ohio ands its only 3.28 here in hicksville.

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1.33/L CDN in BC, Canada

grease dog
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yeah i saw on the news that some stations are now charging 5 sumthing. where i live its secluded so everyone is bum rushing the gas stations before they stop selling it. i wasnt b!tch!ing i was just curious of the prices you yeast infected cvm bubble

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$2.89 at the cheapest here for regular, before the tax cut :-)

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Portland, OR USA

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2.90 in Portland,OR

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Ocala, FL USA

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$2.89 in Ocala,FL.

or at least it was when i filled up this afternoon.:-)
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