Isaac nvm i might just get the xxx


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hey can u help me out on the box for the xxx like how wide the port should b.I want it tuned around 28hz i like the sound of low bass an i no how 2 tune boxes an make them an i can always later make a new 1 tuned around 36hz just need ur help 2 get the max out of it an will 2 bx1500 hifonics power it go0d or no ur help please or anyone thankx

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You need to know the size of the sub. From there, the box size and ports will depend on that.
For box design, you need a software. It is free, just do a search on google and you will see.
You can also go to and look under basic enclosure tab. It'll ask you for the basic info on your sub, box size and number of ports, then give you an answer on the length of ports and cu ft of the box. It's very simple to use.

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Scott ,You want to put two HiFonics on that x.x.x. ? You'll will be better off buying a single excellent quality amp.
My first x.x.x. I bought< I hooked up a Hifonics to it , It was the Brutus 1500 or some $hit, Anyways, it sucked so much balls. Not nearly as loud as the one I replaced it with.

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its gonin 2 b a 12inch an wat kinda amp u think will power it not over $500 an the most cuft iam goni 2 get is 3.803 thats the biggest box will fit in the trunk an i was happy it fitted casue it didnt look like it lol 15h 31w 18d anit there a web site like woodlawn sumthing like that. they make like premade boxes with the same specs 4 the sub
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