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I still can't figure out what Sub would work best in a down firing enclosure under my rear seats in my tuck.

Goal is a SQ system that also hits hard.

- I have 2 of the new Koda 10" Pre-Ordered. 18.5 mm excursion on these suckers. my 300 Watts RMS @4 ohms.
($~460 for 2)

- My Other options were ARC Audio 10" woofers, 250 Watts RMS @ 4 OHMS 15mm excursion supposed to sound better than IDQ's and get louder but are very similar. ($250 for 2, good deal for me)
Only problem is I'm limited to 5.75 Inches mounting depth and they are 5.5 inches which does not leave them much room for venting.

- 3rd option is DLS Iridium's. I'm pretty sure these would sound great and are 5.25 inches mounting depth. But 500 watts RMS @ 4ohms and only 15mm excursion. ($300 each at my price)

I have an older Hifonics Zeus Z600, it's about 6-7 years old but still works great. Only thing is it is 300x2 @2ohms or 600x1@ 4 ohm. I don't think it is 2 ohm stable when bridged.

Now I think the DLS woofers are my best bet, but I don't think my amp will be able to run them well (300 watts). Is there an amp that won't require a new alternator to run (mine is 130 amps MAX)and would it be worth spending the extra money on these subs and new amp?

What should I do! I estimate about .75-.8ft^3 for each sub.

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well, while I wait from the experts, I'd live to hear from other experts as well. ;)

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Ok well I'm pretty convinced that DLS Iridiums run of a 1000 wat RMS Class A/B amp is going to be the best wayt o do, but are their any class A/B amps that are 1000 watts and will not kill my alternator?

I'm starting to get the impression that XBL^2 Kodas will not have good sound quality?
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