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This might surprise you!...Rovin...10
Looking for Woofer and Amp Ideas...Rovin...6
Daul 12" Skar subwoofer box build.caveman8
Canon HV20TWiZTiD2
AGU vs ANL fusesean16
Marine speakersMarc6
Sony Xplod subwoofers. Are they good. Which should I get?TyroneLutherKingJr15
Looking for a single 8 inch subNoLimitAutosports27
What's that buzzing before the song comes on??SlackinMack8
Rd audio alpha Chad Lee3
Shallow Mount 12"Chad Lee6
300zx Build ThreadChad Lee12
This is just too sick!!!!Chad Lee13
F/S: RL-S, H.A.T, Tru Tech, Orion, AlpineYanks Fan75
DD 3515 or 9515?JoRdOn4
1 S15L5 vs 2 cvr 12'sjoe durkham16
Need some advice..joe durkham11
12 inch Re Audio SEX12D4 or Alpine Type R 12 inchcaveman31
Kicker cvr or kenwood w3013ps 12'sS.L.A.B.25
Rd3250.1 v1Daniel Bonham1
Do cvr's or any subs require break in? joe durkham5
Back for a changeRicky Lussier6
$600 budget setupSlackinMack8
Kinda OTPaul Larrea10
Back for a changecaveman1
Was planning 2 IDMAX12 D2 V3's Setupalonzoub42
Looking for an audiopulse ultra or tc sounds 5400 -Eric-7
Audioque hcd315 or jl audio 10w7?Yanks Fan8
What kind of school?D Loco6
2 12" kicker cvx's for 1 10" jl audio w7SlackinMack4
Alpine pdx-1.600 MARINE. any use them?SomeDonnieDude4
Punch 500 on 2 solobaric 15 L7S.L.A.B.16
Yanks Fan Ref ThreadSilver-N-Black13
2 subs not having the same ohm....joe durkham2
Quick question...Ricky Lussier3
New box, less bassSomeDonnieDude8
Subwoofer Advice pleasejoe durkham30
Help me pick best SQ sub for my setup.joe durkham2
Box for pair of 12" Type R's joe durkham2
4 15s need helpjoe durkham9
Solo-X 18"SlackinMack10
Anybody like bass here?SlackinMack26
How are we all doingYanks Fan19
Twiztid "tc 3000"lms5
Help with my JBL W12GTI mk2 and RUB1.2500D AmpChris5
New whip :DMotha Ducka9
Build Log/Install Finish(Pic Heavy!)Yanks Fan16
6th order funjoe durkham4
Mid-size sedan trunk box for 18"joe durkham72
New subs suggestionjoe durkham5
Subs for 04 2500hd crew cab kicker or alpineS.L.A.B.5
15" options joe durkham24
R.I.P. Steve JobsTheP3netrator11
Need Help!Ricky Lussier8
Looking for Something Economically EfficientSomeDonnieDude10
Happy birthday "ecoustics forum daddy" Paul ! ...Kangology 10114
2 IDMAX 12's or 1 TC 3000 15"?-Eric-33
Looking for a sub...Micah K12
$Economy$ 1200 wrms 15" or 18"lms41
What amp do I need?GlassWolf7
2006 Cadillac DTS suggestions??SomeDonnieDude2
I don't want to get scammedPrivate4
Component SpeakersGlassWolf7
Adds w/ audio....damit!!!!SlackinMack4
Focal 165 A1 vs Polk MM 6501 vs HAT ImaginesSkieZ6
Who the F++K is that?SlackinMack2
Just curiousGlassWolf13
Need help with Amplifier, going into protect.GlassWolf25
Need help! joe durkham7
Durka DurkaLord Huggington3
Question about prices for some old equiptment.Motha Ducka5
AudioQue or Pioneer Premiermlstrass14
Build My Computerdeathoob16
Desperately looking for an ed nine.5-Eric-2
(2) Sundown Audio SA-12 D4 or (2) Sundown Audio SA-15 D4...joe durkham4
Happy Bday To Me - New Equipment!-Eric-19
OT-Dual Layer DVD Burnersjoe durkham5
Need some help W/ choosing subjoe durkham18
RE Audio or Sundown AudioMr.icey_man9
Time for an upgrade. Want as low as possible in as little space as ...agos1239
OkokokomLord Huggington3
SPX amp and sub combojoe durkham6
CANT DECIDE!!joe durkham3
OT: dustin's (bassman3's) laptop taredown / rebuildBassman39
Need help! Kory1
Focal 40V1john1
USACI World Finals - Shreveport-Eric-1
Box build4-SA-8's, interchangeable port, bedliner finishArt Vandelay7
4th Order enclosure build, DL DesignzBassman36
New Subwoofer Arrived!TWiZTiD8
NEED OPINIONS!!!!joe durkham33
Need Help?Canaan3
Blowing fusesjoe durkham7
Anything New?joe durkham13
Will my stereo sound good?Joe S4
Box build -- DL DesignzGlassWolf34
9886 vs 9883LikeARock6
Looking for a new SQ sub...GlassWolf28
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