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running two JL w3v3's i had them in a ported box running a JL 1000/1. when i moved them to a new box (sealed) that fits under my backseat i had to change my amp eq and still ended up blowing them. now with new w3's i dont want to blow them so im running my old JL 500/1 and is doing fine but think i should be able to get more out of them. is it possible to run the 1000/1 with a sealed enclosure or is it just overkill for the w3s?

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The subs should hold on the 1000/1 I think you just were bass boosting everywhere you could, you should engage the infrasonic filter and set it at 30Hz that would help the subs.

The other thing you should be aware of is to set your gains correctly, and make sure your power is good, if any device on the signal path clips you risk blowing the subs at higher volume.

You probably know that sealed will never be as loud as ported, in fact one sub on ported is as loud as 2 subs sealed. So maybe you should also consider a new box design.

Lastly there are subs that perform way better on sealed like the Image Dynamics iDMAX.

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possibly dont need "q" and "c" set then? just the filter itself. never touched gains on head unit..may consider new subs more suited for a sealed enclosure. thanks

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Take a look at the pic, set the switch and the knob marked in red just as shown.


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going from ported to seal in theory is almost like dropping to 3dbs less in spl level which is said to be 1\2 as loud so maybe thats what happened

u didnt say if its 10" or 12" but either size according to JL's website they say 500wrms is the danger zone , the 13w3 has a higher rating

but even if u have 1000wrms on hand u dont have to use that whole 1000 , set ur gain in such a way that u get the recommend power for them & be careful how u control ur volume level ....

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You can run 1,000 rms to the two 10w3's but you'll need to make sure they're seeing right at 1k rms and no more. If the gain is set correctly, you normally won't be playing your system at full tilt so on average the subs should be seeing less than 1k rms. Just keep in mind that any attributes on the head unit can increase signal going to the amp which will change the gain setting accordingly.

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Every once in a while reach back and check and see if the dustcap is warm (where it says JL on the cone). If ithe cap feels warm you are heating up the voice coils and you need to turn the volume down. Thats what I would do to get a feel for how much and how long you can listen to it loud.
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