Help me pick best SQ sub for my setup.


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Finally getting all the pieces together for my build. The only missing piece(s) to the puzzle is the subwoofer(s). I will be attempting to go with a 3-way fully active front stage which will consist of Scanspeak D2004/6020 tweets, Dayton RS75-4 midranges and Peerless 830883 Midbasses powered by either a JL XD600/6 or Sundown sax100.4&125.2 ... I'm not necessarily going for a strictly SQ setup, but i am trying to build a well balanced and accurate system. With my tweets on-axis in the a-pillars and midrange/midbass in the kicks, along with plenty of eqing, i hope to achieve quite good imaging for everyday listening. I want to keep this system for a very long time and enjoy it to the fullest.. Now my previous systems consisted of stock speakers and horribly tuned enclosures. I believe I've never experienced real lows. I listen to mainly rap, hip-hop and r&b, so i do want the lows to be there, yet not over excessive and exaggerated.. I've had 2 JL Audio 10w6v2's in a sealed box thrown in my HUGE trunk with no sound deadening whatsoever and it somewhat didn't over power my stock speakers. So i guess i'm looking for something pretty louder than that. I initially intended to get one sub, 12 ported or 15sealed/ported, but i came to realize i can always turn the volume down and EQ it to my preference because i didn't want the subs to be really loud and i'd rather have the extra headroom rather than not to. And i want to be able to have good low extension at low volumes.. So here are the few subs i've been deciding between.... SSA Xcon, TC Sounds LMS-R, IA Flatlyne, FI Q. All about the same price range. I have about 4 cubes or so to work with. All will be either powered by 1200-1500 rms Thinking 1 15" Xcon@29hz vs 2 12"LMS-R sealed vs 2 12" FI Q's sealed vs 2 12" IA Flatlynes either ported@28hz or thought A LOT about doing an infinite baffle with these with about 600rms. But i'm not sure how the output will be with them IB, but read a lot on IB and it's supposed to be SQ heaven, when properly done. I know there are many deciding factors but i'm just torn between these subs. I want the best accuracy, tonality and transient response out of either subs.. I plan on deadening the car very well and electrical will be upgraded. Hopefully some of you guys have heard any of these subs and can offer some advice.. I'm just a 20yr old who loves and appreciates the music i listen to ! Thanks.

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I won't cover all topics on one reply, just some comments:

- I prefer class A/B rather than class D for mids and highs, more detail without a question, consider Audison, Arc audio for amps.
- if you have 4 cubes external then you don't have much effective volume (Vb) so consider that when choosing a sub or subs.
- best bottom end subs are TCs but are not very loud, they need rather big boxes.
- there are a few Fi s designed specifically for IB, but as with all IB subs power handling is limited.
- Those JLs you had can really go low on big ported boxes, ported can be SQ enough and have excellent LF extension if the enclosure is properly designed and built, besides 1 ported sub is as loud as two sealed subs.

Again this is just stuff you can think about before going into any specifics.
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