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I noticed something I couldn't believe....

Audioque 2200D guts s-audioque-2200d-12-fi-audio-sub-325-00-2200d.jpg

Hifonics BX2610 guts .jpg

Look at them side by side. They look VERY similar! Whats your opinions?

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Yea, this is known, the design of the amps are very similar, but the quality of the parts is what really matters.

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Well roll me in flour and throw me in the frying pan and Ill be your drumstick...yeehaw

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I agree with you "alonzoub" but the fact that the layout is identical? I wonder if someone is a copycat. AQ>Hifonics!!

I opened up one of these BX2610 amps the other day and new I had seen that layout before but I couldn't pin point it. Just thought it was interesting.

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the layout and design are similar indeed, Also in performance. Maybe the aq a little better due to betted parts. I was making that same choice last year, and went with the AQ. Havent had any issues with it running it at 1 ohm for hours at a time.

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Yea I actually failed to mention, I found this out about a year ago as-well when I was deciding between an AQ2200D and Hifonics BRZ1700... the BRZ1700 claims 1200 wrms @ 2-ohm which is the spec I was looking at at the time and the BRZ1700 is just the upgraded BXi1610.

Ive actually read that the BXi1610 is comparable in output with the AQ1200 whle the BXi2610 is comparable to the AQ2200.

I chose the AQ and haven't regretted it.

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A while ago I came across this:

IMO both companies source from the same manufacturer, you just tell him what quality level you need, usually chinese manufacturers will just place your brand name and customize the looks, I have found a couple of clarion products that apparently are just that.

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Does not suprise me one bit. Im not a fan of Audioque amps. Their subs are nice though.

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Very old news. They use the same board is all. Same deal with the AQ 1200d / Hifi 1200 series.

But as said above there is better quality parts in the AQ.

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not a fan of maxsonics hif ..
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