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Alright so something cool happened... I was given 2 sailboat batteries... They are like 2 seasons old or something like that and have been sitting "dead" for a while.... I have been bringing them up slowly with my charger, i need new clamps and have a small section of bad wire and the charger keeps screwing up due to this. But they are slowly climbing and are holding a charge, even with the charger not putting out as much as it ought due to issues...

Now they are sitting around 11 and 10 volts (all i can get out of the charger at the moment) I believe they will be able to come back to new and hold a charge once i fix my charger...

Battery specs: Battery Group 8D, 225 Ah, 12V, 1150 CCA, 1470 MCA

So the question is will there work for my system when I install it?

planning dc power xp 270, fi Q 18" in 7cubes around 28hz... have: sax 100.4d, saz 1500.1d, cdt comps...

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"Dead" for awhile is the key factor here. So these are deep cycle batteries then? Holding a 10-11v charge isn't anywhere near as good as it sounds.


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I realize... but the reason it is only holding that... My charger is screwed up and only putting that out... I need to fix it(THANK GOD for jumper cables the other day...) The clamps are screwed up on it and i think it has a broken wire somewhere too because if i wiggle the wire the voltage will go up then if it moves at all it drops back to 10-11... but it has been several days since i charged and they are still holding 10-11 volts so i think i can bring them back to life...
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