Looking for Woofer and Amp Ideas


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Hello All,

I'm trying to find a decent little amp to power my SSA DCON 12" Dual 4 Ohm woofer with. I'm thinking something that'll put out about 400 watts at 2ohms. I was thinking of something like a Kicker zx400.1 But if there is something cheaper or better for around $100 I'm open to suggestions.

Now on another project, I'd like to find a 10" woofer that'll work well in about .8ft^3 On this, I don't want to spend much more than $50. I know I'm looking at the bottom of the line woofer, but I'm also not asking a lot of this one, I just want better mid-bass than my 6x9's are capable of producing. I'll give the woofer around 150watts.

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Here are two options on your budget:

For an amp 400W RMS @ 2 ohm:

For a sub working on a 0.85 cuft sealed, 200W RMS :

Both items are good quality, not only on budget.

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So if I read that right you are going to be running the 12" DCON AND you want to run a 10" sub? That wont work out too well. If you're looking to improve your mid-bass,I suggest you invest some money in to a nice front stage and just leave your factory rears. Also a nice amp to go with the new front stage is a must.

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I went with the JL 10WX joe brough up and a MB Quart FX1.600.

I am useing the amp to replace my kicker zx350.4 that was running the DCON in my daily driver car.

That kicker amp will now power the 10WX in one of my other vehicles, and perhaps in the future a pair of speakers as well. Thanks again for the imput joe. I just got the woofer today and have only looked at it. But I'm pretty happy with the Amp, I got it a few days back and it's doing nicely!

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More power always makes sense, hope you like the sub, let me/us know if you have any other comments or questions.

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ebay ...
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