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My buddy has a Nissa titan, was a former show truck, has all the bells and whistles and used to have an awesome system! The system was put in professionally so i know that everything was done correctly in the first place.

The subs started to make weird clacking noises and then slowly stopped pounding as hard as they used to.. he removed the subs and re installed them exactly as they were and now the subs will only turn on if he turns the volume on his head unit up really loud? and after they turn on they will randomly turn back off.. what could this be??

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Look at the tinsels if they're visible, looking for damages. Could just be... blown subs. Get yourself an O-scope and google "how to tell if your subs are blown O-Scope". Could even be a lack of voltage from the amp. If it's a show truck and everything is done up correctly than most likely it's blown subs. Install a volt meter next time.

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see if the amp is cutting in and out. rem lead from head unit could be screwed up..

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Let's say I have 3 DVC 200 watts rms Subwoofers.. In order to find the correct amplifier.. Do I add the 200 watts together for a total of 600 watts rms? and also what kind of amp would you prefer? if it matters the subs are 3 MTX RT10-04

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600 Watts yes but amps deliver power on specific impedance if you wired in parallel you would need a 2/3 ohm amp, so my question is did you have everything wired in parallel??

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Yeah I have them wired in a parallel.. If I am correct.. ing/3DVC_4-ohm_mono.jpg

So I need to find an mono block amp that is stable @ 2 ohms & has at least 600 watts rms

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No kory, if you wired the coils of the subwoofers in parallel an then all subwoofers in parallel to a mono amp you would need a 0.67 ohm stable amp and probably that blew the amplifier those 3 were on.

If you can list the model of the amp that was powering the 3 subs??
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