Subs for 04 2500hd crew cab kicker or alpine


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I have 1 12" alpine type r shallow mount on a kenwood 500w rms. If I go with a punch 500.2 which is 747w rms according to birthsheet, on 2 kicker 12" cvt shallow mounts, will it be double and deeper the bass of the 1 alpine type r??

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Why are you restricded to thoes 2 brands?
How much do you want to spend?
Box size in cuft and max deepth of sub?
What do you already have except the type r and 500 amp?

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If you go with the CVT's & a bigger amp like you mentioned, it will be louder, yes but NOT twice as loud/deep.

If you can tell us why you are restricted to those 2 brands, we may be able to suggest some better equipment for the same price, along with the questions asked by John above.

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It will not b double the pleasure, but it will be louder and deeper if u know what ur doing. I will vouch for the cvt for what it is, but if u want some real poundage, let us know.

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Yes I'd like some real poundage. Im restricted because behind the rear seat i only have 7" of depth. The alpine type r shallow is in a 49" wide x 15" height x 7" bd x 5 3/4 td custom for a chevy crew cab truck. I'd like to spend no more than $500 on subs. I can always find a decent amp to match. Those are the only 2 good shallow mounts i have came across.
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