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Welp finally found yall since my last computer crashed :D
I need some help picking a new setup for my subwoofers, I been searching again for something that can kick me harder then what I have now. Which is 2 daul 2 ohm kicker CVR's with a Alpine v-power 1,000 watt amp and to be honest it barely shakes my mirrors...but I think its the crappy free ported box I have them in.
I need opinions from the stuff I've been looking at, I want a system that can make my heart skip a beat, make my truck feel like its falling apart, makes my house feel like an earthquakes about to hit. Well you get my point here mainly looking for shake then sq, heres what Ive looked at:
1. 2 12" or 2 15" Alpine Type R powered by an Alpine PDX-M12
2. 2 12" or 2 15" Memphis (no idea what series) no idea of an amp either yet
3. 2 12" 512b or 2 15" 515b Digital Designs no idea of an amp
trying to stay under $300 a piece for subs
thanks to anyone who puts in input and their own opinion on other subs that could out class these for the price but pick one of the three atleast.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the system you described and the budget you posted live in two different worlds. Of the three
I would probably chose the Type R's... but im tellin you right now It probably won't make your heart skip a beat.

Type R's are more of a budget SQ sub, they get the job done as for as musicality but aren't real ground pounders.

I have no experience with Memphis but have heard mixed reviews.

Digital Designs subs would be ideal for what you described EXCEPT the 500 series would not be enough, you would need to step up to 2500 or 3500 series to really feel like an earthquake. And those are way out of your budget range.

Thats why I will suggest DD's semi-lil-brother AQ. The HDC3 15's cost $279 each.

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Also on the cheaper side and serious low end you can try the DC Audio Level4 15" or even the SSA ICON 15" which handles 1250W also below $300 impressive lows, for an amp AQ1200D for a single sub or an AQ2200D for two.

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imo build the proper box those cvrs need (kicker rec box specs actually owrk well) & keep them

they are pretty decent sounding subs & they get fairly loud too ....

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I found a new brand of subwoofers called Skar I'll just get a pair of those seeing the videos of them they pound pretty hard.

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good luck with that...
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