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Upgrading my system. Advice Please...GlassWolf3
AQ EarbudsD Loco3
Help me determine price for my subs/ampJoe S3
Pair of 12" and 1200 Watt Amp - OrderingD Loco20
My buddys youtube vidRiddler2
MP3 players?TWiZTiD25
Yanks Fan Miscellaneous For Sale ThreadB.I.G.G.S.15
$800 budget. HU, Amp, Wiring, Sub(s), SQ. Go!GlassWolf7
Blink 182 new song... has loud bass!!!TWiZTiD7
Need to build new system 2002 lincoln lsDavid1
New 13w6v2Casey Arndt5
Problems with new AQ 1200 ampmlstrass105
Fi audio subwooferdcollister44011
MP3 players?TWiZTiD1
Need wire or RCAs?TWiZTiD1
Brain dead (wiring subs)caveman43
EDead Liquid Sound Deadening?GlassWolf2
I Need help to choose other sub!!! urgently!GlassWolf5
Check itTWiZTiD5
Using a car amp in a portable stereo system with a subTaylor12
New Car :DSlackinMack26
Hey guys long time no talkPaul Larrea31
Diamond Audio D6 1000.1Stavenmist31614
Overpowered Fi Q vs Underpowered AA Havocdenim19
VideoSSSSSSSSSSS! Yes, more than one!Riddler7
Electrical ProblemsSlackinMack10
Amps FSSlackinMack8
Two 12" SubsSlackinMack31
Boss audio subwoofersalonzoub2
My Project Part 3Riddler37
4th of July Weekendeddie6
1200-1500wrms @2ohmArt Vandelay15
Box Build - 2 IDQ10V3-D4Audiomaniac10
Help me tune my box? alonzoub17
What is wrong?deathoob22
What sub and box to get?Bassman38
Home audio subs in car applicationsPaul Larrea3
What ever happened to RD audio?SomeDonnieDude36
DL Designz ** Summertime Sales**Bassman320
Help for new system Alex19
Sub problem randy19891
Aero port questionTWiZTiD11
New Addition to the Family-Eric-19
Sean -- Mag installed pics SkieZ11
A friend need help to choose Sub!eddie9
Tejcurrent Tahoe Rebuild - part 2Troy Jones32
Wassup everyoneChad Lee32
Look at what i just bought =]TheP3netrator26
How to wire amp to sub?eddie5
Box building websiteeddie11
CannanI'm not gay but $20 2
POWER ACOUSTIK P1I'm not gay but $20 6
Which of these Sub are the best???I'm not gay but $20 8
DD 2510 vs IDMAX12I'm not gay but $20 3
Spelling is your friend.I'm not gay but $20 8
Best SQ subI'm not gay but $20 14
Amp not recieving power.. solutions?I'm not gay but $20 6
2 re audio sex12 or 2 alpine type r 12bobby334227
JL W3, JL W7, FI Q?jonathan24
New box for 3 subs...Need input on proven designs....Paul Larrea5
Good dual 2 ohm 12" subeddie8
Anybody have a 15'' hdc fs?Art Vandelay1
CanaanPaul Larrea84
Help design sub woofer box.alonzoub7
Can you make this any better?Lord Huggington3
Choosing a new subwooferTheP3netrator17
INCRIMINATOR SUBS - anybody got review ? ...denim15
Subwoofer Enclosureeddie7
What should I doalonzoub10
Paper vs. actualLord Huggington1
What should I add?Casey Arndt11
Making the right boxArt Vandelay11
Information first install FI q 12"...Will French19
Four300 or two600Will French4
HOW MUCH POWER CAN 2 FI q 12" take?Will French4
Wiring in a secondary battery (Help!)Will French1
JL W7 sub HELP!Casey Arndt2
15" BL Project Build and Discussion.Zackdp10
Ot- want to buy 2 sets of cresendo 6.5 comps and 1 re mt motorBen1
CSS SDX15Lord Huggington1
Need subs with >5.5" mounting depth and higher power handlingbrandon6
What kind of amp do I need? Kicker CVR 12" 4 OHMMitch3
System in jeep rubicon?deathoob2
A 10w7 fell into my lap and its time to make a boxkyle20
Building my first (ported) boxBassman324
Sdc2.5 10"cwruck11
Hello everyone!kyle7
Slot port on a slant - what's the tune?cam4
Need help pricing my system... LikeARock4
DMM OHMSBrad Warren2
Anyone else having problems with caco?cwruck7
SUB HELPP please!alonzoub27
JL W7 sub HELP!abish1
Feeler or trade.....maybe lolJoe S6
Need a little help interpreting some WinISD data Malib00tay6
Help with building a ported enclosure! dan9
Would like some input on a sub setup.Mark Brockman1
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