Which of these Sub are the best???


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Hi, my name is Fernando Garcia, i am new in this forum, i am from dominican republic.

I have some doubts about sub's:

i recent adquire a pair of kicker comp SVC sub's and i compare the price and features of these with JL AUDIO 12 WX (single voice coil)
and let me know which of these are More LOUDER, a pair of kicker comp 12 or a pair of a JL WX 12???

i have a Rockford p300.1 amp (1st gen) and I plan to replace it for an alpine f500 amp, which of these 2 is better???

thanks for read my post and sorry for my very poor

I am remodeling my car audio system...

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Username: Fernan2_rd

SantiagoRep. Dom.

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my new option is a pair of diamond audio d1 vs a pair of jl audio 12wx???? which are more LOUDER????

i interesting in cheap subwoofer because i not have much money to invest on it

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That would be dependant upon everything else.

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Fernando, you need to specify exactly which models or nobody will be able to help you with this.

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Username: Fernan2_rd

SantiagoRep. Dom.

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2x Kicker Comp c12
2x JL Audio 12wx4

another option is: single Diamond audio D612 or Dual diamond audio d112

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My vote goes to Diamond D6

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I compensate...

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I voted for Diamond D6, the damn things sound pretty amazing.
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