How to wire amp to sub?


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How would i wire my amp to my sub...
Sub: Fi Q 12" dual 2

Amp: Ed nine.1

set it up like 3-5 years ago and forgot how i had it. Ha i believe i had it wired to 1 ohm at 1200 watts rms.. Any diagrams would be extremely helpful. Thanks guys.

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Just wire the coils in parallel for a 1-ohm load.

Like this:

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use the link below has a bunch of information on how to wired sub's.

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Just remember that wiring in parallel will drop the resistance and wiring in series will increase it.

2ohm+2ohm in parallel=1 ohm
2ohm+2ohm in series=4ohm

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just make sure the wires plugging into amp are from two separate voice coils, after connecting each voicecoil with its appropriate wire. for some reason when i fix a buddies system they thought they wired in parrallel have it half right only they take a positive and negative from the same voice coil to the amp, so only one coil is on technically, hope this helps
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