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So I just picked up a JL 13w6v2 and I would like to make a ported box for it. The vehicle it will be in is a Chevy Cobalt and powered by a JL 500/1.
The ported box that JL recommends is 1.875 cuft tuned to 31.5 Hz.
The dimensions are 18.875 x 16.5 x 18.625.
Just wanted to know what people thought of this box.
Go bigger? Tune it differently? Any suggestions would help.

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JL box specs are usually spot on

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Do you think it would affect the sound quality if I were to make it a bit wider but keep the overall volume the same.

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The box can be any shape really, within reason, as long as the internal volume stays the same, and you will not affect the sound at all.

The box dimensions and tuning sound fine to me. I usually tune around 28Hz myself, so 31.5 should be just fine. That's most likely based on the Fs of that driver, and I don't have that figure handy at the moment anyway, so yeah go with JL's recommendation.

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I checked JL's website and the FS of the driver is 24.3 Hz.
and thanks for all your help.
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