$800 budget. HU, Amp, Wiring, Sub(s), SQ. Go!


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Friend of mine is wantin a nice little system for his altima thats better than the stock bose. Lookin for some nice SQ. 750-1000rms should be plenty so we dont have to worry about electrical.

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Here's what I came up with:

10" Fi Audio Q (2 Ohm DVC / $234-$304 Depending on options):;jsessionid=154e28e97ecaebb/s hopdata/0050_Speakers/0030_Q/product_overview.shopscript

Audioque AQ1200D ($269.00):

Pioneer DEH-P8300UB ($179.99):

Kicker CK4 ($89.99):

Depending on the options you pick, you will be spending around $740-$800 before shipping + taxes. If that's too close to the budget, then I would suggest looking into a Sundown Audio SA-12 or RE Audio seX to save a little extra cash.

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I'd go with an alpine head unit, change to a cheaper sub like the Alpine type R, and use the difference in price to get type R front compnents, and an amplifier to drive them.
If you want a cheaper amp to save some money, you could also go with a hifonics amplifier rated for about 500-800 watts RMS. That AQ1200 would be overkill for the type R 10"

type R front stage and 10" sub in a ported enclosure tuned to 31.5Hz, and cross the sub over at 60Hz, and fronts at 120Hz, 18dB/octave for the sub, 12dB for mids, and let the roll off cover the 1 octave gap for a smooth transition from mid to bass.

An inexpensive 2-channel 40-50 watt x 2ch @ 4 ohm amp would be plenty for the fronts.

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glass I gotta get with you. I don't udnerstand anything you are talking about with the crossing the sub over on an 18dB/octave slope and all that...can you explain like how do you do that? I see the lowpass filters and high pass filters and stuff on the amps, but how do you set the db? do you have a translator to explain what you are saying, maybe a website. you had posted something on one of my posts and it was like wtf are you talking about.

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Registered: Dec-03 has a lot of info on this stuff with crossovers, but it really comes down to this:
There are 3 things you can set on most basic crossovers for any amplifier, be it via the ehad unit's crossover, or the one built into the amplifier (don't use both. the results are cumulative.)
1. frequency
2. slope (how quickly, or gradually the crossover will take effect.)
3. type of XO (crossover): high pass (HPF), low pass (LPF), or full (no crossover)

crossovers aren't a brick wall. If you set a low-pass filter for a subwoofer at 80Hz, then frequencies above 80Hz will still be heard, however the "Q" or "slope" of the crossover, expressed in decibels per octave (dB/octave) determine how quickly the volume of the frequencies beyond the crossover frequency will diminish.
the more dB per octave, the more quickly the volume is reduced with each octave beyond the XO frequency.
an octave is double, or half of the previous frequency. example:
160dB is one octave above 80Hz, and 40Hz is one octave below 80Hz.
I should also mention that a decibel is a measure of relative volume. more dB, is louder.. which you probably already know anyway. Decibels signify amplitude, and Hertz signify frequency. Together you can graph audio signals with both X and Y coordinates.

Really you won't need to worry about any of this till you have the gear installed and are ready to tune everything and set all the knobs and switches before listening to some music. Worry about picking your gear first, then we can walk you through setting it all up.

I might have some more info pertinent to your situation on my pages as well. you're welcome to take a look:

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x2 on and

I was completely clueless as far as car audio goes about ~1 year and a half ago... Spent a long time reading, glasswolfs papers, white papers from harman kardon, and various other papers I could find online... now my friends that are in to car audio consider me somewhat of a guru... I know I still got more to learn tho.

Thanks for writing those papers glass

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Anytime. To be honest, I started writing them because I just got tired of answering the same questions on here over and over.. then it just got to be a matter of wanting to share things that I can't take with me when I die anyway.
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