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2008 Mitsubishi Lancer (90 amp alt(i think))

Focal FP 1.800 (apprx 500wrms@ 3ohms)
JL 10w7 (plan on building JL's ported box to spec)
Alpine pdx 2.150 (75 wrms x2)
Elemental designs e3.65i
Pioneer p6800DVD
I plan on doing big 3 with 4 awg
I might move battery to trunk(room for CAI)
And i plan on using Tar Based roof flashing to sound deaden where i can

I listen to Techno, DubStep, rap and hip hop. and my goal is SQ and SQ only.

1) e3.65i vs jl audio TR 6.5 components ... whats better and why?
2) is distributing a single 4 awg cable for both amps sufficient or run 4 awg to each?
3) should i still use factory rear speakers off the HU or nothign at all?
4) with 2 class D amps will i hear an audible improvement with a quality capasitator?
5) with the e3.65i's i can mount tweeter on the woofer... one inch from woofer or in factory a pillar spot... whats best?
6) is it smart to try and add a slant in the ported box to match the gradient of my back seats? worth the extra real estate?
7) battery sugestions(any size it will be in the trunk)(will reconditioned large battery be sufficient?)
8) i think i have all the bases covered, if you have any recomendations shoot them my way im open to anything to make my car sound better.

thanks for your time

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1) jl audio trust me... elemental designs they were good back in the day... on their subwoofers and their amps.. but they were for street performance geared and not much to sq..

2) its fine.. looking at your specs you wont run more than 150 amps in total wich is the max the 4 gauge can provide..

3) use the factory rear speakers but use the fade setting and go front alil bit more.. you can go just front... but you will notice lack of sound on the back.. and try to test.. u will sound a big diference if you add rear speakers.. like your music will be alil bit fuller..

4)for regular car audio joe.. capacitor is not a big deal.. most people will say their garbage.. actually they can filter unwanted noise.. and if its a good quality capacitor with ultra low esr ratings..and is correctly installed it will make your amp run at its peak performance without damaging... also u have to make sure your electrical will hold up.. but a capacitor its always a nice plus.. i used them with good results.. they dont do miracles but they are ok..

since ur using 2.. you might hear your amp clipping. and the sound will be distorted and sometimes u will have some noise.. like alt noise.. with capacitor it might help with those problems... it wont fix your electrical current problem if your alt cant supply power to the amps.. but if your alt does and you see some noises and ur amps acting weird.. a cap might help....

5) you can mount the tweter in those places... it would be best to go with the factory look.. but the components are sometimes made to run at a certain distance from each other.. sometimes the crossovers have on or off axis jumpers that will adjust to your set up and you will be able to locate the tweeter any where posible or close to the mid driver for better imaging performance..

6)a slant?? you mean coloring carpet?? you can add carpet to your box it wont affect performance..

7) if upgrading a battery go with an optima yellow top.. their really reliable and wont cost as much and u can get it on autozone or pepboys even walmart and save u the big shipping price tag and will perform just like any other batter if your planning to use your system with the car on 9 (since the alt will be supplyng current and not the battery)

8)i will try to get a jl audio 500/1 if your looking for just 500 rms.. since it has the rips technology that could provide same output from 1.5 ohm to 4 ohms in your case your jl audio w7 have dual 3 ohms coild and u either go to 1.5 ohms in parrallel or 6 ohms in series..

* try to find a jl audio ho box for the 10 it will sound soo much better....

* dont get the ed get the jl audio components.. even the lower end models... jl audio is expensive... but you get what you pay for..

* find some dynamat and cover your doors rear doors and trunk for better sound imaging..


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You could probably do better than a JL 10W7 if you're interested in SQ-only, like an LMS motor in a sealed box.
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