15" BL Project Build and Discussion.


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Whats up guys this is my first post on this forum. I recently ordered a 15" BL D2 with the hypercool option. My goal with this woofer is to get it to sound as good and as low as it possibly can. I have always been a SQ low end monster guy so this is the first woofer ive bought that was more geared to SPL. although through research its musicality has been well noted as well as its ability to drop low in the proper enclosure. Previous woofers ive owned tested and run into the ground;

13.5 W7 sealed/ported on a old school Zapco Studio 500 (1000rms @ 4ohms - 0.07 distortion). woofer was wired @ 3ohms... awesome woofer.
2005 15" RE XXX (xbl^2) sealed/ported on both Hifonics Brutus b2200d and Zapco Studio 500. awesome woofer. before RE sold its soul.
2 15" ED OV's i think they were IDK they didnt last long on the brutus. both sealed.
2 15" Rl-P's ported on 2 Zapco Studio 500's. IMO one of the most WELL ROUNDED subs you can buy. AWESOME WOOFER. also ran one ported on an old school arc audio 1500dr.

The amp i will be using on this woofer will be my robert zeff designed arc audio 1500dr. its an early 2000 model that is EXTREMELY underrated - 1000@4ohm/0.008 THD. 1000@2ohm/0.07THD. I will wire down to 4ohms.

the first enclosure will be 4cf @ 28hz. i am using flared tube ports so i will be able to cutdown and fine tune. i wanted to start low and work my way up to see how low these things go. i may or may not build another enclosure with a higher volume depending on how well it likes 4 cubes. this is the first FI product i will have owned and am very excited to break it in when it arrives. i will keep this updated with pics as the arrive. thanks guys!

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welcome to the forum, Zack. looks like you have a good amount of experience and knowledge of the car audio industry. i'm kind of shocked. this doesn't happen often here, lol.

that is some nice equipment you will be running. i'm a fan of Fi and needless to say that is a solid amp. that combo will most likely put up more dB #'s than your previous systems.

what vehicle is this going in? i'm looking forward to seeing your progress toward completion and your post build opinion.

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lol ya know what you mean. i got out of car audio for a long time because of how ridiculous people are and also how good companys were selling themselves but its an itch that needs to be scratched, im hoping this is my last build. do gotta say though i hope you are right about this woofer putting up some serious numbers.. if it can top both my 15" rl-ps on dual zapco 500's id drop and pray to the FI gods lol. im hoping so.

the reason why i picked the BL was because of its ability to drop low and have some amount of SQ while still being considered a SPL woofer. my goal is to push the BL to its low end and SQ limits not so much its thermal or SPL capacity. i want to get the best sound from this woofer as i can and the SPL as a perk. ill try and post some pics of the box build and you can tell me what you think

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I am sure that you will like the bl's. I have never used them myself, but i did used to run a rl-p. you are right about it, an awesome sub. I loved the lows on that thing.

I have a fi ssd now so i can attest to the quality of fi products. It is excellent.

you say that you would like the bl to outperform the rl-p, just make sure you have realistic expectations.

i wouldnt expect the bl to have as good sq or low end as the rl-p, but im sure that you expected as much.

but, for being more of an slp sub, i would expect decent low end with it and maybe moderate sq. like i said, i have never used one, but that is just what i would expect.

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I'm sorry...but if you liked to sound of the XBL^2 XXX ('03-05ish) and JL will likely find the BL to 'punchy'.

The Adire (Danny Wright designed XBL^2) drivers back in the early 2000's were held in high regard as amazing SQ drivers. But, some claimed that they lacked in the 60hz+ range or said they sounded 'dry'.

I onwned an Adire Brahma MK2 10" in 2004, and I have to say, it is the sub I judge all others by today. Smooth, accurate, and clean...with plenty of output. I wish I still had this sub.

But, all in all, SQ is far to subjunctive to even attempt to argue.

So. What are you looking for in your build?
Smooth sub-bass to mid transition?
FAR dominating lows(20-50hz) that roll off around 100hz?
Flat transition from the lows to the mid-low range around 150-200hz?

or something totally different?

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yea alot of people thought the XXX to have a "muddy" sound but i loved my XXX. i traded it straight across for the w7 a decision i still regret. both were amazing drivers. to compare either of these drivers to the BL in SQ doesnt make a whole lot of sense being that the BL is SPL driver... and not an SQ. i dont have any dillusions that this driver will approach anything near what either the XXX or w7 did as far as SQ or low end.

my last post pretty much stated what goals were.. like i said my goal with this woofer is to build a box that will get the very best low end and SQ that it possibly can.

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"the reason why i picked the BL was because of its ability to drop low and have some amount of SQ while still being considered a SPL woofer".. pulled that from my last post hope it helps answer your question. thanks for the responses guys!

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i like you stick around.

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lol i def will lingering around the subwoofer forum.. had some troubles uploading pics so here is the link to photobucket. kind of a mess of random audio pics but the build are the pics of the enclosure, deading the back of my truck, and recarpet. the woofer is just a blown rl-p i threw in for reference and fitting. let me know what you guys think.. 4cf @ 28hz effective.

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