HOW MUCH POWER CAN 2 FI q 12" take?


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I decided I am getting a pair of 1 dual ohm 12" FI Q's so I can run them at a 1 ohm load...

Now I will be doing the big 3, probably getting a extra batter, and MOST likely a H/O alternator to handle that much power because these subs can take 1000 rms EACH easily with the option to add 500 more rms at 30 bucks wich I added so i am looking at around 1500 RMS to each sub for a total of 3000 watt amp

but I talked to this guy in a shop and he said they can EASILY hand more

so my question is

How much can these babies handle? What kind of amp do i get to push these bad boys to their limits without blowing them up? I want my brain to vibrate inside my skull when i turn it up ! hahaha

good recomendations for stable 1 ohm amps please!

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i run my 1 15" Q at 2 ohms on a saz-3000D so ~1600-1800, it will take that all day more or less, now for short times i could go way past that but that is more like 15 sec burps at a show if you are so incline to do that. i would say on a really clean signal from head unit to amp max would be ~2k for short times and ~1500-1700 daily. if you want just loud shake your brain bass you should go with the btl's not the Q's, if you want more sound quality stick with the Q's. my 1 Q on ~1700 watts will do 143DB so with two 12's you might be right at 145.x or so.

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Keep it at 1500w each max for daily. Those subs were first designed to only handle 1000w, then they improved the cooling but thats still only good for a few 100 more.

In theory any speaker can take an extremely large amount of power, it just a matter of for how long... lol. What I said above is assuming you want the stuff to last for years.

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2 Fi Q 12s, Mmats 3000.1

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Ive got 2 fully loaded Q 12's and i push them daily with a MMATS 3000.1 it gets pretty f**kin loud. I will never get rid of that amp i love it to death haha. ill pound it for like 3 hours straight and its hardly warm. and not to mention its like half the size of a lot of other ~3kw amps. Sundowns are great amps as well, an AQ2200d would work well, hifonics are the best bang for your buck, the crescendo 3kwp would be good, and thats all i got off the top of my head
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