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I have a 2005 Chevy Cobalt and the battery is from the factory, mounted in the trunk. I am running 2 infinity reference 6.5 components, pioneer 6x9s, an Re Audio 8'' woofer, and a JL 10w7. The speakers and the 8" are running from a kicker zx350.4 and the w7 is running from a JL 500/1.

Problem: When I turn the music up the headlights blink not dim because i have HID headlights. What is the best option besides HO alternator because I don't have that kind of cash. Thanks

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Try doin the big 3?

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From what I can see the cobalt has a 140 amp stock alternator... thats way more than enough for what you are pushing. Since the battery is in the back its possible your stock alternator to battery + wire is insufficient. Like art said, look into the big 3.

I used to get dimming pushing 500... I did the big 3 and now I push 1200 no problem.

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Thats kinda odd that your HIDs do that b/c HIDs use less power than regular headlights. Maybe the harness from the ballast to your HIDs is loose? I would check all the wiring with your HIDs make sure everything is secure.

BTW why are you runnig a RE 8" AND a 10w7? You shouldnt mix subs. And how is a set of 6.5s a set of 6x9s and the RE 8" all running from the 4ch amp? You will probably have an amp issue here soon.

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If you can't afford an adequate charging system, turn down the volume.

That's the cheapest solution, right there.

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get and HID cap.

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I am running the re8 as a midbass woofer. The 6x9s are running from the headunits power. The 6.5 infinitys and the re8 are from the kicker amp, sorry for the confusion.

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There is no substitution for production. All the batts and wires in the world will only make it look pretty. Bottom line is If you spend more than you earn you WILL eventually fail. Caps are a band-aid, and a bad one at that. Just another bling bling draw on the system. A cap is, essentially a batt in itself, powered by guess what, your battery. They are intended to baffle the temporary surges you would see during spikes in power demand. They are not a solution to lack of power production but more so another burden to it.

Bottom line is if you can't produce it, you shouldn't be using it.

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i like what glasswolf posted & its true too ....

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check your HU. The constant or ignition wire could be causing that if you got something wigglin around back there or if you hooked it up wrong. Also check the illumination wire, make sure it aint shortin to nothin.

Also, if you ran the power wire to the fusebox (why?) ,,, make sure it is in a spare hole with its own fuse.
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