I Need help to choose other sub!!! urgently!


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recently i had a single diamond d3 sub in prefab box with rockford p3001 amp and i blew this sub (I think it was the poor measure of the box)

i have 1 week with no sub and i going crazy

I have few options to choose:

1x Rockford P2 15 (2009 model (09P2D415))
1x Rockford p2 12 (2009 model)
1x OZ Audio Vector 12 model V12.3-4
1x Kicker CVR 12
1x Pioneer TS-w309d4
1x Phoenix Gold RSD12D (HARD TO FIND)
1x JBL GTO 12

my budget is around $100 for sub

which of these options are best for louder and clean sound?

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I say get another Diamond D3 and make sure it is wired right and you set the gain right this time!

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diamond audio are hard to fin in my country, i buyed my old one in ebay and i paid u$4 dollars for weight (one weight cost this)

not great for budget, i paid more for the shipping than the sub

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blowing a sub is usually one of the following issues:
bad enclosure design
lack of proper current due to insufficient charging system in the car
gain on sub amp set too high, causing amp to clip
bad wiring for the amp (ie, bad ground or too small wire) causing amp to clip.

check all of these when you replace the sub, to insure you don't blow another one.
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