Help me determine price for my subs/amp


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I have 2 JL Audio 10w04 subs in a nice box and a JL Audio e1200 amp. I have no clue what price to ask for when I sell them. Any ideas on a fair price for everything or each item individually? They are in great condition.

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Look at the going rate for your items on ebay. Thats a good starting price point. Then subtract about half of that,since it is used. Then you have to factor in shipping costs if you are planning on selling the stuff online. But you will probably get more if you sold local.

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I usually sell items on Ebay pretty often, so i'll let you know a few things I do myself when selling.

When selling on Ebay, you need to consider the search options that are used to filter listings. The most common filters used are "Time: Ending Soonest" and "Price + Shipping: Lowest First".

With that said, I would first search for the same item your trying to sell and see when the listings end. What your looking for is to see what listings are ending soonest. If you see the same item having multiple Bids, then that is telling us that it is a "Hot Item", and people are going to keep Bidding no matter what until the second it ends.

In this case where the same item you have is having multiple Bids and is ending soon (within 2 days), try to get your listing to end right around the same time as that listing. When setting your price you want to make the "Buy it Now" price slightly lower (at least $0.50 cheaper) and a Bid price that's $5-$20 cheaper than the current lowest Bid price. Doing this will draw other Bidders away from the other listings that are more expensive, and get them to come to your listing.

If you see that similar items are ending, especially within 1 hour, and there are no to hardly any Bids (under 5), then odds are people are not interested in that product at this time, the listing was poorly made, the Bidding price or "Buy it Now" price was too high, and/or the listing is ending on a day/time where not many people are online.

If you run into this, then your going to have to make some sacrafices. The easiest thing to do is either offer "Free Shipping" or have a much lower "Buy it Now" price. Ebay also offers a feature to where you can have Bidders "Make an Offer" to the Seller, which in some cases do lure Bidders in over other listings without this option. Also, I would suggest having listings end on the weekends around noon.

Overall, make sure your listing looks very professional, has clear pictures, and has the best price on the site. When making your listing, don't use fancy large font and hundreds of colors. Just a simple clean layout with 1-3 pictures is enough to make Bidders choose your listing over others.

Remember, it's not always the item that sells itself, but how it's presented.
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